The Sims 4 Get Together Pack

Club Perks, Points, and How to Make Good Use of Them

Get Together's Rally the Troops Perk is amazing, and one of the best boosts in The Sims 4
The Rally the Troops Perk can keep the points rolling in, as your members' hunger, energy, and bladder needs will fill up substantially on each use. Now just take care of their hunger and fun, and consider installing a shower!

I've tested the Club Perks and this guide will tell you how they work, so that you can decide just what Perks are worth your hard-earned (or easily gained) points. I'm breaking them down by the categories in which they're listed in-game. Here is how your club gains points:

Gaining Club Points
Club Points are gained every time one of your members does one of the activities listed for the club, but only while a gathering is underway. None are lost when they do a restricted activity. If the club member's icon over their head is green, they're doing a club-approved activity, whether just friendly chat or watering some plants.

Club activities are denoted with the green thumbs up
Activities with the green thumbs up will give Perk points. Being friendly to everyone is generally a good choice, as chit chat will give you points, no matter who's doing it.

When every member is doing something the Club seeks to achieve, the points come rolling in pretty quickly. Things like watching TV will produce 'ticks' of Points (like +2), then lumps (+7). You can even multitask - listen to music, and talk friendly. You may even figure out combinations of up to 3 things to do at once - and have the whole group do them - in order to exploit this system. But then, there are dozens of Perks to buy so it's not like you'll be done buying them overnight. It's definitely possible to make a super club that tries to excel at everything.

Club Perks List

Get Together Club Perks
The Perk List is huge, because every skill and emotion in Sims 4 is represented, there are additional bonuses like outfits, career and need boosts, along with secret handshakes to unlock.

This is not a list of every Perk, because that is unnecessary. One of the best things about the Get Together Pack is how inclusive it is of other Expansion and Game Pack additions. I will give you examples, and you can expect others of the same kind to perform similarly. For things like Club Vibes (emotions) and Skills (gains), we have every emotion and skill already listed on the site - so you can expect to see them represented and get the same boosts.

Club Status Perks

There are only 3 of these - you'll get either a neutral, increased, or decreased relationship standing when first meeting a new Sim. Bad boys can choose to have their reputations precede them, and do-gooders may get that positive boost from people hearing of their great club and the wonderful things it does. You can only select 1 of these at a time. Neutral is default, Popular Club gives you instant acquaintance, like 30% of a green bar and Infamous Club gives a very big negative reaction, like 50% red bar even with a friendly introduction.

Club Handshake

Club secret handshake
A Club secret handshake, a good way to boost relationship between members.

Only one of these may be selected. There are four (or none), and each costs 100 points. You can do the secret handshake among club members even when not in a gathering, it seems to give a good relationship boost. They are found under the club menu, and can only be done with members of the same club (of course).

Club Size

Club Size can be upgraded from 6 default members to 7 (250 points) and 8 (500 points). This can pay off, because you'll get more club points with more Sims doing club activities, plus it's more entertaining to have more Sims around and perfect for getting a big gathering going in a secret members-only meeting spot.

Social Bonuses

These increase success rates while in club gatherings for all the socials. 300 points each, covering every category of social - from friendly, romance, funny, mean, to mischief. It's impossible for me to get into exactly how large an increase these provide, but I was able to get two Sims who disliked one another from raising the relationship bar, on to steamy exchange and woohooing with not one failure in the process, using the most risky socials possible (embrace, whisper seductively are harder than hold hands and ask if single). Because of Clubs' enormous happiness/mood boosts, it was easy - and the target wasn't in the Club. So you could make a romance/dating club that is all about getting flirty to go out and meet Sims to wed or even just Woohoo.

Club Vibe Perk Benefits

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Choose among many club vibes in order to set the mood for your members during a club gathering.
Choose among many club vibes in order to set the mood for your members during a club gathering.

Leaders can set a Club Vibe if they select these Perks. You can use this to get everyone in the mood for the task at hand, but it will primarily help your Sim in skilling and improving their success rate with Social Interactions. The first to discuss is Comradery. By default, when your Sims get together for a Club gathering, they get a +1 Happiness Comradery Moodlet which lasts the entire time the meeting does. There are 2 extra ranks you can buy, for 300 (+2 Happiness) and 400 (+3 Happiness). You must buy them in order, so rank 3 would cost you 700 total club points. So, with all 3 ranks you'll have a +3 Happiness boost without setting a vibe at all. Some groups may want to avoid this, because you can only have one Club Vibe active at once and the emotions below may be preferable:

All Emotional states except for Embarrassed are also represented, and not just the positive ones. So you could make a Sad group. The Comradery boost would offset this and keep Sims happy - same goes for Angry. All the positive emotions: Confident, Energized, Flirty, Focused, Inspired, and Playful have three ranks you can buy - 100 (+1), 200 (+2), and 300 (+3). You must buy each rank to get the best one, so +3 will cost you 600 points.

When you start a club gathering, the default is Comradery. You can click a member > clubs > set club vibe to change it for that session. Each session may want a different vibe, so this gives you control. You may turn a +1 Comradery into a +3 Focused. Buying more than one may let you change the vibe as the situation warrants.

Skill Boost Perk Benefits

Skill Perks increase gains during club gatherings, which can be used tactically to help your Sims advance much faster.
Skill Boost Perks are among the most powerful bonuses in The Sims 4 - not just Get Together.

I will not list all of these here (you can buy one for every Skill in The Sims 4 and its Packs), though I did test several of them and the results were the same. I don't know if this is an error, or intended because you're possibly around other Sims who are learning the same thing and going off one another's skill gains, but gains were increased by 250%. A Sim learning guitar for the first time took 227 minutes of 'Practice' to go from level 1 to 2. My Sim in a club with the Guitar Skill Boost Perk got that level in only 90 minutes. Similar results were found when testing Painting, and these Sims weren't even in the Ideal Mood. There is MUCH to be said for using Clubs to your advantage to gain Skill while working toward Career Promotions, or to learn to do something much faster. You can definitely make a club for any type of Skill if you provide objects for Club members to practice with.

Be careful picking the 'Social' boost. There are four for children, as well. Regular Skill Boosts cost 400 points. Skills with only 5 levels cost 300, Children's Skills are 200, and you can even get a boost to the rate Children do home work for 100 Club Perk points. Putting your Kids and Teens in clubs can help them to excel in school, while also completing childhood aspirations faster and becoming more productive Adult Sims. Kind of like reality, eh?

The only sad part, I think, is that Townies do not gain Skills in Sims 4. They are kind of just set in stone. I understand the why of this, just wish we could get a club together where my Sim isn't the only one making excellent cupcakes. MORE excellent cupcakes!

Club Management Boosts

Rally the Troops - 500 points
Click another Sim and find this option under Club Gatherings while one is active. This gives about a 25% increase to hunger, bladder, and energy on each use - and it can be repeated and affects all club members! This can keep them going all night, just as it says. A super powerful reward that leaves only hygiene as a problem. Sims should have their Social and Fun needs met at a party, and they can of course wash up in the restroom. Maybe you should have a shower at the party pad!

The Networked Club Perk gives you a boost in career gains, regardless of club meetings.
Networked Club - on the left, no bonus - right has the Perk. This measured out to around an 18.5% gain in performance, probably 20% on paper due to some measuring discrepancies. Stack that with other bonuses, and Sim single-day promotions just got much easier.

Networked Club - 500 points
Being in this club has its perks! Your Sim will gain a performance boost at work (ie. no club gathering in play), just because of the club's influence. I've taken a screenshot of 2 Sims with static needs, same career, no daily task completed, no ideal mood, to show how their meters appeared right before the work shift ended. The one on the left was normal and not in the club, the one on the right networked. It is clear had I chosen work hard and gone in with an ideal mood, both may have got a promotion - but this was level 1. This means players can now put their family into a 'club' and buy this perk, get the Career boost and cheese their way to CEO.

Clothing and Decor

Club points let you unlock hats, jackets, accessories, and decorations. Special Club Jackets and Hats can be unlocked with Perk Points.

These don't do anything beyond normal decorations, though you can make everyone in your club have a logo jacket/hat should you desire. The special part about the door is the secret knock - that's all. As I covered on the guide to making a hangout for your club, you can lock doors to all but club members without this, so you can easily turn any area into a members-only meeting zone without spending perk points.

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Comments (11)

Great guide! So detailed and informative. And I agree; Get Together is a great foundation for future packs. Thanks for sharing!
I have a question, I don't know if this a bug or not, it's about the Club vibe, recently I bought the "flirty Vibe" and I can change it anytime I want, but right after I bought the "angry vibe" I can't see anymore the option "set to Flirty Vibe". I tried to buy the "sad Vibe" and I can see onlt the option "Sad vibe and Angry Vibe", Is this a bug or It will appear only on some situation? I really need an answer I tried to search over the internet and I don't see anyone having problems as I do. Can anyone help me, Thank you in advance. Sad
It does sound like a bug. When you click on a club member during a meeting there should be an action to set the club vibe and then it should show you all the 'vibe perks' you have purchased. Maybe try clearing out your cache files. There is a help section on the forum with instructions how to do this. (Tips for Crashing, Lag and Other misc Tips in the Technical Section). Or you could post your question in the misc. help section too.
I am just wondering. I was under the impression you set one of your club activities to woohoo, and you could woohoo with anyone if you don't know them yet. However, I did this but everyone refuses? I also tried with kissing too and the same thing. Is this a bug do you think? Or am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks for yor great article:)
The only barrier might be if the members are already married. I quickly set up a test woohooers club and the only sims my sim couldn't woohoo with were married sims, they kept rejecting him. It does, however cause jealousy and sadness when other club members see your sim woohooing etc as they all feel they've been cheated on!
Gymea Lilliesays...
I want to purchase the club size perk for 8 Sims, It is not available even though I have 500 points. I assume I have to buy the 7-Sim perk for 250 points first, making the total cost 750 points for 8 Sims? Thanks in advance.
Yes, that's exactly right. You have to buy the 7-sim unlock first. The same with the club vibes too, you have to purchase the lower vibes before the higher vibes become available.
Sara Simsays...
I think they fixed this as I was able to save for the larger one and skip the smaller one.
Admin: Yes, if you look at the date of Playalot's post you'll see it was back in 2016.
im missing out on the new stuff
sims 4 is it like 3 u can play with other people
like travel in im not pass get to work
The Sims 4 is a single player off-line game but with an on-line Gallery where you can download other players sims and houses and community lots directly into your game. Smile
Where is the club jacket located? I bought it all ready but I can seem to find it!!
You will find it in CAS with all the normal game play clothing under the jackets section. Smile
how can I cheat to get club points? I just want to set up the club then leave the family alone
As far as i know the only way to do this is to use a mod.
Twisted Mexis Club point mod
Might be me being silly but whenever my club gathering finishes the club points disappear... is this supposed to happen? Are you supposed to buy club perks before ending the gathering?

Super unfortunately the most recent patch has broken the club system completely. Sad
There is an open bug report about it. Please add a 'me too'. The more people who report this the better. The developers have acknowledged they are aware and are looking into this bug.
EA Bug Report - Clubs

Is there a cheat so you can get club points


When I set a uniform, nobody wears it, not even the leader. The uniform doesn't use CC. Can anyone help?


Not sure, when I set mine it worked way better than I expected... tried to make everyone wear just a set of cool shades with their regular clothes, ended up with everyone stripping to their underwear (but wearing the shades). Remember that you have to not only set it with the buttons for Male/Female Adult/Child, but you also have to set the radio button on the far left side of the dialog box to the setting you want, too.

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