The Sims 4 Get Together

Random Tips for Managing and Leading your Club

Leading a club in The Sims 4 Get Together
You'll get what you put in. The Clubs system is very flexible, with some thought and creativity you can accomplish some cool things and get your Sim out and meeting new people. Leading a club is fun!

Clubs will perform as well as you set them up to. A gardening club that goes to a bar is not going to get many Perk points, though they may enjoy hanging out with the group. This Guide's focus is to put all the ideas presented on other pages together and give you some pointers on using clubs effectively to enrich your Sims' lives. See the existing clubs list guide for info on taking over as leader. This is focused on managing your own club.

Be Flexible and Open Minded - Family Clubs!
This isn't only about getting Sims out of the house. You can also set up a club with family members - get points when your Sim's children do their homework, when the family watches television together, when someone cooks a meal and when they eat it. You can even make sleeping a part of club gatherings. Simply initiate a gathering and whomever is home will contribute to the club. I originally envisioned a father and son making their own 'club' just to hang out and spend time together, while having their own secret handshake and going out in the world in their own outfits.

Fix clubs that are not productive.
Some clubs just aren't very productive the way they're set up.

Fix Clubs that Don't Gain Points
Look at those Garden Gnomes, sitting and playing chess. They should be planting, watering and weeding a community garden. If you take over as leader and change their goals some, choose a good hangout and build planters, you can get them working together and growing vegetables in a nice place - the park or even the ancient ruins.

Sim breaking rules in club.
Watch for Sims always performing 'red' actions - these are disallowed in the club, and in breaking the rules they're not being productive. Kick these Sims to the curb.

Giving up Leadership and Kicking Sims Out
Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot just give leadership to another Sim. I think it goes to the second, but you must resign from the club. Both of these can be accomplished by going to the clubs menu, clicking the gear for settings, hovering over a Sim and clicking the red X. Click the check-mark afterward to confirm the change, and your Sim or the Sim you wanted to boot will now be out of the club.

Kick a Sim out of a club
To kick a Sim out, you can do so under the 'club' menu socially, or by clicking the X when hovering over their picture. Sorry, kid.

Make or Join Clubs that line up with your Career Goals
If you need skill in Programming to make it to a high level, you may benefit from a Club that helps you meet others with that skill - get the focused buff from them and program away, then go after the Networked Club boost to help you get promoted faster.

Build Hangouts for your Club
It's very satisfying to make a hangout and watch your club have fun there, while your Sim makes new friendships (maybe even finds love) and gains skills.

Think of Multitasking for Maximum Perk Points
Friendly socials with all and listening to music are very good choices for a club activity and goes along with most things - whether it be a movie club, fishermen, or a culinary club. Sims sitting down to enjoy a meal together can gain points, as can kids playing on the playground, so long as you keep in mind activities that may be done together or synergize with one another. For extra slots, use things Sims are likely to do at the hangout.

Give your Children and Teens Clubs
I've found that Clubs made it more entertaining to control kids, and they can make clubs with their friends. They can get points for working together on homework, and your little leader can even take Perks just like the adults can, giving them boosts in Social, Motor, and other Skills to prepare them for High School. Build them a little house outback to play in, so they have long-lasting friendships from childhood and maybe even grow up to meet the person they'll Marry.

Adding items for clubs to interact with will help you - just go to manage worlds or open build mode on a community lot
Place objects at home or on community lots that will let your Club accomplish its set goals. Placing lots of planters let me start a community garden with the Garden Gnomes after I took over as leader.

Change Clubs
You can completely alter a club's activities and restrictions at any time, making them more relaxed or changing what they do. The game will show you who, among the members, are still eligible to be in the club after your changes.

Enjoy all Windenburg and Get Together have to offer - we have more reasons to leave the house and experience the world, and it's welcome!

Get your Sims OUT!
I believe one of the big goals of this expansion was to get Sims out and having fun more often, instead of whiling their time away in the house skilling for the next promotion. Clubs, along with the new venues introduced in Get Together gives Sims more to do, and you can use both at once. Have some party buddies you go out with and earn points to get the great Rally the Troops social, so you can get your Sim out late at night without worrying about being low on energy for the next shift at work. This helps immensely to avoid you having to spend too much time at home.

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Susan Kingsays...
I am having a BLAST with this expansion pack! My favorite thing to do is have business owner start clubs to produce what they sell.
I had Bella Goth change the library in Windenberg into an art co-operative. I set up several easels and the club comes and paints. While she can't mark the art to sell, she can "sell to collectors" making money selling everyone else's paintings as well as her own. You are only limited by your own imagination! At first very disappointed by this pack, I now find it a wonderful creative outlet.

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