Clubs in Get Together

Making an Example Club & Adapting Requirements and Activities

Making a club in The Sims 4 Get Together
Making a custom Club in the Get Together Pack

For this Clubs Tutorial, I'm going to make an example that takes advantage of one of Get Together's other features - Nightclubs. Follow along to learn to make your own club and how to make a custom hangout spot where only your club can gather, to keep uncool Sims outside where they belong.

Clubs can hangout anywhere you want, with minor limits.
Choose categories or specific lots for your Club's hangout spot. You can change this at any time. Hangouts are available in all worlds, not just Windenburg.

First, I'll name my Club and give it a description. It will be invitation only. ANY of these settings can be changed later should they be too restrictive or cause the club a disadvantage.

Club requirements to join
Choose up to 5 requirements to join your club.
Be careful with Club requirements. If you're too specific, you'll rarely find someone who can join!

In order for you to make a club, your leader must qualify for the club too! You can't make Level 2 Programming a requirement, or choose a trait your leader doesn't have. My Sim has Dance Machine, and we want Sims who love to dance and are charismatic, so we'll make those requirements - charisma level 2+, Dance Machine Trait required to join. So some of our Sims in the club might find a new love, we've also made it so that Sims have to be unmarried to join. I've allowed all ages Teen+. Kids, Teens, and Elders can make their own clubs, and can certainly qualify for most of the existing Clubs in Get Together. Any combination of age groups can work - only children and elders who like to read, for example.

Sims can have either this or that trait and still join, or you can require both.
I only learned this later thanks to a kind person on Twitter. If you select multiple skills in one rule, they can have any of those. In this example, a Sim could have level 2 in DJ, Dancing, or Charisma and be allowed to be a member. If you made 3 separate rules, they'd have to have all 3 skills.

A note on requirements - When you select multiple things in one rule - for example under skills - you can check Dancing, DJ, Programming. If a Sim has any of those 3 skills at level 2 they can join - these are lumped into one rule. However, if you make 3 rules - must have level 2 dancing, must have level 2 DJ, level 2 Programming and a Sim only has level 2 Dancing, they CAN'T join. So you can select skills, careers, and traits in bunches if you want Sims to have this or that, or make a separate rule if you require them to have both. A good example is the existing Spin Masters Club. They require DJ Mixing OR Dancing level 2, not both.

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Club Activities list in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack
Many club activities can be chosen, and can be changed at any time if you're leading the club
The list of activities for Clubs is huge - just about anything Sims can do in the game, even sleep and shower! You can change these at any time with no drawbacks if you're the club leader.

Now we'll look at the activities the club will focus on when they have a gathering. Dancing, for sure! That's encouraged, as well as listening to music. We'll rack up lots of club perk points whenever Sims show their moves on the dance floor, because they'll be listening to music at the same time. Let's also encourage them to be romantic. People just might grow up and want to leave this club and get married.

Restricted activites - no-no's
Things to make against the rules - restricted activities being performed may get you scolded, but of course you can do the scolding if you're leader!

Of course, we don't want anyone to have a few drinks and get mean, and no fighting allowed. Too many negative rules will just keep members on edge, but it's good say, if there are alternate activities on a lot and you want to keep your club members focused.

No one is eligible to join the club
This is an example to teach you - no one will be eligible at times if you're too strict on requirements to join your club. Just because you can choose 5 things, doesn't mean you should!

Now, when I click to add member no one is eligible! I'm shocked (OK not really). This Sim just doesn't know enough Sims to possibly find people with Charisma and Dance level 2, the Dance Machine Trait, being unmarried, all at the same time. I can make it less restrictive, or I can perhaps go out and try to find Sims who have those qualities. I'd like to try that first, and if I can't, it'd probably be wise to first eliminate the 'must have dance machine trait' first, because there are enough Traits that a specific one is going to make Sims more rare, especially with all that combined. Second, we could probably raise the pool of potential members significantly by taking off the unmarried component, but I'd rather not! The clubbers are singles who go out and look for romance and a good time with like-minded Sims. This is a good lesson though - the more entry restrictions you place on your club, the less Sims will be eligible, even if your Sim knows dozens of them.

Reduce restrictions and make more sims eligible to join your club.
The restrictions toned down a bit, people are actually eligible to join my Sim's club.

My Sim goes out and meets nearly 2 dozen Sims at a club. When I remove Dance Machine, one can join. In that whole time, only one other Sim is eligible because of the strict requirements. When I also take off the Charisma rule, 2 can join. That's not a very big club for my intentions. The best thing to do now is remove the Unmarried requirement. Now I can add 4. I have enough to have a decent club experience, although it might have been OK with 2 Sims were the Club different in nature, we want enough to have a party, right?

Now that I have some members, we can choose to hang out in an exclusive club if I build one. Off to make the club a hangout - a nightclub just for the 'Carl's Example Club Clubbers' Club.

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Comments (5)

Sad Its still confusing
It does seem confusing when you read about all the options but it is very easy to use in-game. Smile
Just somebodysays...
Is there a cheat for getting club points? I am finding it hard to earn them!Grin
It's a long time since you asked this, and I don't know a cheat but I'm posting some tips for earning club points;
Become club leader so you can change the club.
Add as many activities as possible, including some easy ones such as dance, watch TV or be friendly.
Make the first perks you buy more members - more people engaging in activities means more points.
Remove banned activities.
Consider making the requirements stricter - eg Carl's Example Club Clubbers could ban mean and hot headed people (because of the banned meanness and fighting), add requirements to be single and adult+ (so everyone can flirt with each other) and add flirty and dance machine.
Make sure your requirements aren't so strict there aren't at least 8 sims in your universe who can join. If there aren't enough, consider switching trait requirements to skill requirements as there are way more sims who have level 2+ charisma, and dance than there are sims with the specific traits I mentioned.
You may also want to consider creating some sims with the specific traits you want (sims can be created very quickly by downloading ones you like from the gallery and changing their traits; you can even control their ambition this way! If you have city living apartments with 2-4 bedrooms are quite cheap in the art district and the Japanese one, or you can just shove as many sims as you like in a small place and just don't visit that lot).
You might consider making the club invite only - with this option checked it's easy to only invite the best sims. One efficient way to make it easy to find club members is to give your leader sim the 'observant' lifetime reward. A better but more time-consuming way to find club members is to use the club maker: if you want some friendly members then input the requirements, change one to friendly and write down the sims' names who you want. All sims' addresses are on the wiki and easily found by googling their names.
Oh, and ensure to edit the hangout so it's perfect! Carl's guide is in the sidebar.
I also advise adding lots of items, especially ones relating to your activities. For Carl's club here, I'd get 2 bars (non-controlled sims won't order for group), seating at only one bar and a sofa area nearby (to encourage sitting together to chat etc) and music in every room but the bathroom. I also might add a 2nd bathroom and a something for woohoo. If the club has solo activities get 8 of all important items (eg a painting club needs 8 easels).
Remember you can hire workers like baristas, bartenders and even chefs for free.
Try to make sure you have the facilities to keep needs high; showers in a gym, a way to get food (eg a kitchen, just a fridge, a bar, a coffeehouse food counter or if you have the appropriate expansion packs a cooler [OR] or use the unlock items cheat and get a vending machine [GtW]. A sofa or 2 in a quiet area is good for naps.
Decide whether want the lot to be members only or open to all. For example, would 'flirt with everyone' be easier or 'flirt with members'? Consider an open hangout, frequently meeting in public or members only.

The easiest way to become club leader is befriending the current club leader.
Pick at least 1 club activity raise fun.
The longer and more often the club meets, the more better.
More controlled members means more overall control - try to add at least 2 members of your household.
Make use of the group options, such as group dance. Some freedom is needed to keep needs met.

Useful cheats:
“FreeRealEstate On” if you make a lot of members and want big homes.
“bb.showhiddenobjects” adds hidden objects (eg items unlocked at work, by social events or only usable on some lot types) to buy mode and build mode.

“testingcheats true” allows use of:
“Make Clean”
Shift + click happy sim, then “cheat need”->“disable need decay”. To re-enable shift + click sim, then “cheat need”->“disable need decay”.
Isaiah behnkesays...
I want to start my own club so i can pick and choose people to be president and vice president and have leather vest with patches and other things
Does anyone know where I could see all club logos? Could someone please link me, screenshot them or just link me?
You can see them all in game by clicking on the little down arrow on a clubs icon in the Club Manager.
Bill angry old billsays...

Carl, I understand you are not that active with sims. Burnout is real. So I played a while then stopped a couple of months. In the time I was gone, whims became wants, to give an estimate of the time. Back then, 8 months ?, when making a group I could choose from everyone I knew if I did not pick criteria. However now, same sim btw, there are only and always 32 (36) sims to pick from. The same sims. I tried many things and could not understand why? I opened new game and tried it, and same restriction. Any ideas? Thanks

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