The Sims 4 Elements Collecting Guide

Element List with Metals and Crystals Made of Each Element

Collecting Elements in The Sims 4 means gathering Crystals and Metals from digging Rocks found around Sims 4 Neighborhoods, Secret Areas, and Parks. Each of these are made of various Elements, and can be analyzed by contacting the Geo Council when clicking it in your Inventory. They will tell you the composition of the Metal/Crystal, which will be from two to three Elements. Sending it in for $20 will give you a chance to get one of the Elements from that collectible in the mail the following day.

The List below can be very helpful to obtaining all of the Elements. The Crystals and Metals you can get each Element from are listed by which has the highest chance first, and generally in an order from common to more rare. You wouldn't want to get the common Melacoo Element from a rare Rainborz Crystal, but you can. It would be better to use Sapphire (listed first). But, in case you want to finish the collection and don't mind what you consume, I've bothered to list all the Crystals/Metals from which that Element may be obtained.

Get to Work Additions: You can skip sending things to the Geo Council if you own Get to Work and take a job in the Scientist Active Career, as you're able to analyze crystals and metals yourself. The EP adds one new Element, which is in this list: Xenopetrium. This element only comes from metals and crystals found on the hidden planet Sixam.

Elements give off a Focused Aura when placed and the Aura is enabled.

Elements List

PicNameRarityValueGet from Crystals:Get from Metals:
The Sims 4 Alcineat ElementAlcineatCommon$10Peach, Alabaster, Turquoise, ShinoliteObtanium, Ozinold, Furium
The Sims 4 Goobleck ElementGoobleckCommon$10EmeraldPlathinum, Heavy Metal, Obtanium
The Sims 4 Melacoo ElementMelacooCommon$15Sapphire, RainborzPyrite, Flamingonium, Romantium
The Sims 4 Oxypin ElementOxypinCommon$15Turquoise, AmethystPunium, Furium
The Sims 4 Ozinate ElementOzinateCommon$20Citrine, SimaniteOzinold, Baconite, Death Metal
The Sims 4 Phozone ElementPhozoneCommon$10Orange Topaz, Rose, Plumbite, JonquilystPhozonite, Heavy Metal, Pyrite
The Sims 4 Selium ElementSeliumCommon$10Fire Opal, Orange TopazUtranium, Alcron, Simtanium, Literalite, Sadnum
The Sims 4 Sydrolin ElementSydrolinCommon$10Quartz, Ruby, Peach, EmeraldAlcron, Baconite
The Sims 4 Peryllium ElementPerylliumUncommon$40Rose, Ruby, RainborzSocialite, Flamingonium, Romantium
The Sims 4 Plathium ElementPlathiumUncommon$35Fire Opal, JetPlathinum, Death Metal, Ironyum
The Sims 4 Volenton ElementVolentonUncommon$45Quartz, Amethyst, SimaniteCrytunium, Socialite, Literalite
The Sims 4 Wolfium ElementWolfiumUncommon$55Hematite, Shinolite, JetIronyum, Simtanium
The Sims 4 Xenopetrium ElementXenopetrium (GTW EP)Uncommon$80Nitelite, CrandestineBlutonium, Solarium
The Sims 4 Crytacoo ElementCrytacooRare$140Fire Opal, JonquilystCrytunium, Literalite
The Sims 4 Firaxium ElementFiraxiumRare$160Diamond, RainborzFurium, Sadnum
The Sims 4 Plumbobus ElementPlumbobusRare$175Jet, PlumbiteSimtanium, Romantium, Sadnum

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I mail off crystals and metals to the Geo Council for elemental isolation, and I'm not getting anything back in return. Is this a bug or something?
20th July 2015 3:21am
same problem :( really annoying as can't travel into space w/out them
2nd August 2015 3:29am
Idk if you managed to solve this problem yet but you need to stay home to receive mail. You don't receive mail if you follow the sim to work. Stay one day, see the mail person show up and u got your elements :D
13th August 2015 9:18am
My Sim is a Doctor and I go with her to work everyday. When I come home, the elements are there in the mailbox.
19th September 2015 10:41am
This happens to me sometimes but if I switch households then come back to that household or if I save and exit the game, then reload, the elements are in the mailbox. I've also gotten the elements in the mail when my Sim comes home after being out around town collecting all day.
29th June 2016 8:00pm
This list has 15 elements, but on the collection list in-game it lists 16, and i'm missing the last one. Anyone know what it is? I think it was added in the get to work expansion.
14th December 2015 8:01am
Yes it was. It is Xenopetrium. You get it from the alien metals Blutonium and/or Solarium
7th January 2016 10:18pm
does anyone know where to find these elements?
28th December 2015 1:05am
You get metals from the various metals you find in dig sites. You then can send these metals away, via mailbox, to the Geo Council. In return you will receive an element. Use Carl's list above to work out which metals might give you which element. Smile
7th January 2016 10:20pm
Look,I can get elements analyzing crystals and metals in the chemic analyser,in the scientist career.Please put that there,because when you analyse it,you can gen the elements of the crystal\metal,earn logic skill,don´t so long and you do not lose the crystal or metal.Sorry for my poor english,bye!LaughTongue
17th February 2016 6:43pm
Thank you for your comment. This page just explains how to find elements in the base game. I'll pass on your comment to Carl and see what he thinks. :)
18th February 2016 6:18pm
Great tip! Playalot brought it to my attention, and I've also updated the Scientist guide to reflect this while giving you both credit. The three collection pages have also been updates with these crystals/metals/elements from the EP. Dropped the ball on that one, but thank you for helping to improve the site! I don't know what I'd do without the readers who help correct and find missing things :)
18th February 2016 11:41pm
I cannot get elements in the Scientist career with the chemical analyzer.
17th March 2016 4:11am
You should be able to after a short amount of time when using the 'practice' interaction. Your sim will 'discover' them and then the element will be automatically placed into your sims personal inventory.
17th March 2016 5:58pm
I can't get the Xenopetrium to add to my element board. Do I have to wait until its full or does it just not add to the board?
22nd March 2016 10:12pm
It doesn't add to the board. Only the base game elements will fit in there.
23rd March 2016 2:47am
Playalot is right, only the original 15 elements fit into the display chart, but to add to Playalot's answer, I think that's because the chart is supposed to only show the elements on the Sims' home planet (is it a parallel Earth of some kind? We may never know :P) just like how our periodic table only shows known elements from Earth. The GTW element can only be found in metals from the alien planet Sixam so it's extraterrestrial in origin and therefore not part of the regular periodic table. (Also it was probably just not possible to update that object because it's base game and the extra element is from an expansion). I plan to just put the 16th element in a special display case somewhere when I find it.
29th June 2016 8:07pm
I had my elements in my board then I moved house, and the board and the elements were separated in my household inventory, and now I can't get the elements back into the board! Any suggestions I've tried everything I know how to do they will not go back into my sims inventory and she can't place them in the board or put them in her inventory either.
22nd May 2017 3:33pm
I suggest selling them all and then using the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to give them back to your household. If you drag them back into your sims inventory in live mode after you exit build mode then the game will register that your sims has collected them.
Guide to Cheats
24th May 2017 3:29am
Does anyone know where I can find the plumbobus element because I can't find it anywhere.
18th August 2017 4:08pm
You get it from sending a plumbite crystal to the Geo Council. place the crystal on a surface and then click on it and send it to Geo Council. The next day in the mail you will get the corresponding element sent to your sims house. Most crystals have a few elements that they break down to so it can take a few tries to get the exact element you need.

Guide to Crystals
18th August 2017 7:33pm
Hi there!
I've been having intense difficulty completing the elements collection due to not being able to find Crytacoo anywhere. Sure, I've found the metals and crystals that should form Cryatcoo multiple times but everytime I send them off I get another element those crystals/metals could create.
I understand that these crystals and metals can come back with a different element than the one I want, however, it's come back with something else so many times I'm starting to think my game is bugged.
I tried repairing my game and nothing changed, I removed my mods and cc but that doesn't help either. Any tips?
Any reply is appreciated, thanks! Smile
17th February 2018 3:01am
So crytacoo only comes from Fire Opal, Jonquilyst or Crytunium and Literalite. So if you have been sending those crystals and metals away reliably and still not receiving crytacoo then yes your game could be bugged. I can only suggest deleting the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder and seeing if that makes a difference. If that still doesn't help then perhaps cheating it in from the debug menu may be your last solution. A very frustrating situation for sure.
17th February 2018 4:42pm
I completely forgot about clearing my cache! The moment after I cleared it and sent of the next batch I got 2 Cryatcoo's.
Thanks so much! Laugh
17th February 2018 6:44pm
If anyone is stuck trying to acquire firaxium like I was, go to Selvadorada and dig in the dig piles there. Be persistent and go multiple times to get some Alexandrite crystals. They’re rare, but I had my Sim call the geo council, and it’s 1/3 firaxium. My sim collected multiple Alexandrites so hopefully one of them would work, and I got firaxium on the first try sending in some Alexandrite. I was determined to complete the elements collection and firaxium was tripping me up, so I just thought I’d share in case anyone else has that issue.
12th March 2018 1:24pm
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