The Sims 4 Metal Collecting Guide

Metals List and Possible Elements from Geo Council

Collecting Metals in The Sims 4 means digging up Rocks found around the game's Neighborhoods, Parks, and Secret Areas. Any rock could yield any of these, but don't expect it to be a quick process. Metals, Crystals, MySims Trophies, and Fossils all come from the same spawners so this is quite a long process. Rares are more likely to be found off the beaten path, such as in Forgotten Grotto or areas distant from homes in Oasis Springs. See the Guide to Collections for some general Tips to finding them.

The following list of Metals indicates what Elements that metal may be broken down to when it is sent to the Geo Council. This is how you collect Elements. You'll get one of the Elements listed in the mail the following day after sending it for $20. The Elements further to the right are generally more rare than those first listed, so it may take multiple attempts to finish that collection.

Metals contribute +2-3 to a room's Environment score when placed and will help you get Decorated Moodlets to higher levels. The Aura must be enabled on these, however, as they do not do it by default. Rarer Metals have slightly higher scores.

Get to Work adds two new Metals: Blutonium and Solarium, which can be found on the Planet Sixam.

Metals List

PicNameRarityValuePossible Elements
The Sims 4 Alcron MetalAlcronCommon$10Sydrolin, Selium
The Sims 4 Baconite MetalBaconiteCommon$25Sydrolin, Ozinate
The Sims 4 Heavy MetalHeavy MetalCommon$30Phozone, Goobleck
The Sims 4 Obtanium MetalObtaniumCommon$25Alcineat, Goobleck
The Sims 4 Ozinold MetalOzinoldCommon$25Ozinate, Alcineat
The Sims 4 Phozonite MetalPhozoniteCommon$15Phozone
The Sims 4 Plathinum MetalPlathinumCommon$20Goobleck, Plathium
The Sims 4 Punium MetalPuniumCommon$30Oxypin
The Sims 4 Pyrite MetalPyriteCommon$10Melacoo, Phozone
The Sims 4 Utranium MetalUtraniumCommon$25Selium
The Sims 4 Blutonium MetalBlutonium (GTW EP)Common$25Xenopetrium, Plathium
The Sims 4 Solarium MetalSolarium (GTW EP)Common$25Xenopetrium, Oxypin, Wolfium
The Sims 4 Crytunium MetalCrytuniumUncommon$75Volenton, Crytacoo
The Sims 4 Death MetalDeath MetalUncommon$60Plathium, Ozinate
The Sims 4 Flamingonium MetalFlamingoniumUncommon$75Melacoo, Peryllium
The Sims 4 Ironyum MetalIronyumUncommon$80Wolfium, Plathium
The Sims 4 Simtanium MetalSimtaniumUncommon$90Selium, Wolfium, Plumbobus
The Sims 4 Socialite MetalSocialiteUncommon$80Peryllium, Volenton
The Sims 4 Literalite MetalLiteraliteRare$125Selium, Volenton, Crytacoo
The Sims 4 Furium MetalFuriumRare$140Firaxium, Oxypin, Alcineat
The Sims 4 Romantium MetalRomantiumRare$150Melacoo, Peryllium, Plumbobus
The Sims 4 Sadnum MetalSadnumRare$155Selium, Plumbobus, Firaxium

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Comments (8)

In Get to Work there are two new metals to collect from Sixam. Blutonium (made up of elements Xenopetrium and Plathium) and Solarium (made up of elements Xenopetrium, Oxypin and Wolfium).
True, I will make the suggestion that Carl adds these to the list on this page. Thank you. Smile
Is there any ryme or reason as to where to find the different metals?
No, not really. They spawn randomly across the dig sites so your sim just has to keep roaming and digging!
Is there any ryme or reason as to where to find the different metals?
Is there any ryme or reason as to where to find the different metals?
in the buy debug after get to work I found a few different metal displays in there. there is 10 of them basically a pile of a certain rock such as death metal or baconite on a wooden box. does anyone know how to legitimately earn these?
Dig the Dig Sites. They are 'discovered' the same way as fossils, treasure maps and my sims dolls. The little boxes appear under them when placing the metals on certain surfaces.
Thanks for the help!
I’ve noticed if your sim has the kleptomaniac trait they frequently bring home metals from work and school.
Yes, guess their hands are a little 'swipey' while there. Sometimes they'll also bring home a pc from work, not related as such to your comment but I always find that pretty funny... it's quite the large object to hide in your pocket! Laugh

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