The Sims 4 StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration

Story Act 2: Gathering Evidence for a Dossier and Opening The Door

The Sims 4 StrangerVille planting a bug on a scientist or military Sim
Planting a bug on a Sim allows you to use the Listening Device for StrangerVille Evidence

We learned a good bit about StrangerVille in Act 1, but much of it is still a mystery. Now we will begin to assemble a dossier (which is like compiled evidence) to combined the pieces and understand more about the town's secrets. Doing so will allow us to open the door in the Secret Lab and begin exploring more interesting places.

Gathering 15 Pieces of Evidence for a Dossier

The Sims 4 Strangerville story - mystery aspiration gathering evidence
Search piles of junk and folders for 15 pieces of evidence to solve the StrangerVille Mystery

There are several ways to gather the 15 pieces of evidence you need to make a dossier. First, you can search folder and junk piles that are found around the lab and in some StrangerVille residents' households.

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The Sims 4 hacking for evidence of strangerville mystery
Hacking for evidence

With level 3 Programming skill, it's possible to hack the computers at the lab. Doing this and searching files you can possibly get regular evidence or an encrypted USB drive that, with level 10 programming, can be decrypted to give you everything you need for a dossier in one go.

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Listening Device
The Listening Device requires you to Plant Bugs on Sims to gather evidence.

Buy a Listening Device, found under Miscellaneous Electronics for $500, and you can purchase bugs for $25. Plant a bug on a Sim (hoping they don't notice) and you can then listen in on their conversations from a distance. Doing so will give you either blackmail material or a piece of top secret evidence. Scientists and Military may make better targets, it's hard to say for sure, but either way you can go out and plant a few bugs then listen to recordings to see if anything useful was picked up.

Dossier and Key Card

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Dossier
The StrangerVille Dossier

Get to 15, and you only need to click the evidence in your inventory to make a Dossier. With this in hand, you can head to the conspiracy shop to buy a Lab Key Card for $250 (under Secret Inventory). You can also attempt to convince a Scientist or Military Sim to give you one for free, with the Dossier in hand.

Enter The Lab With Keycard

The Sims 4 Using the Keycard to Open Lab Door at the Secret Lab
Using the Keycard to open the Secret Lab's sealed door

With Key Card in hand, your Sim is now free to travel to The Lab and use the keycard on the large door blocking the stairs. What's found down there shows some weird experiments were going on, with several plants in containment units and a science lab in the center of the room (which you can use, and suggests you need spore samples to use it).

Continued on StrangerVille Mystery Guide Act 3.

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Comments (3)

If you are friends with military personnel and or scientists, they will give you evidence if you ask them. It helped that I played through with my existing sim, who gets instant "good friends" status with a cheerful introduction.
Yep, if playing with a new sim (no skills) start building a relationship with one scientist and one military personnel early so those relationships are there for quick access when you get to this stage.
Sketch Eldersays...
Joining the military career is another way to get the keycard. Once you reach level 5, Warrant Officer, you can requisition a keycard even if you haven't finished your dossier. (You'll still need to finish the dossier to complete the aspiration.)
When u collect and combine all the Dossier u can just upload to hacker website on any computer and they will tell u that after they collect all the data they will send a key card to your mail box back in 1 day later. I believe it only work if your sim has some skill on programming. At first I thought it was a scam but it actually work. I think easier than trying to ask for a key card and it also free.

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