The Sims 4 StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration

Story Act 1: Learning About The Town and Secret Lab

The Sims 4 Strangetown equivalent

Taking the StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration (found under location) is highly recommended if you are going to try to get to the bottom of why Sims are acting strangely in the new town. I supposed it'd be possible to do everything while ignoring it but they go hand in hand. If you want some help getting around town or finding things, check out my StrangerVille Town Guide.

Sims 4 StrangerVille Mystery Guide Part 1

A guide to the first act of The Sims 4: Strangerville Game Pack's storyline. Take the StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration to get the full benefits.

Getting Started

Sims look crazy when they are infected
Infected Sims have some crazy facial expressions and jerky, odd movements. Some of these are outright entertaining.

On your first day in StrangerVille you are likely to see a couple of odd things. First, Sims are likely to be walking around with jerky movements and a strange look on their face, saying crazy things. Their animations can be absolutely hilarious, especially the way they run. Your own Sim may experience odd things even at home, like Government agents showing up to confiscate the fridge because it has an infection. Don't worry, they'll reimburse you.

Strange plants found all over Strangerville in The Sims 4
Strange plants can be found in every neighborhood. Photographing them may give you your first bit of evidence.

Additionally there are strange alien plants scattered around the world. You can photograph them, which will give you your first piece of evidence in the StrangerVille mystery.

Talking to 5 Sims about StrangerVille is something you'll want to do early that will begin to reveal bits of information you can piece together to figure out what happened. Sims in this town have a special 'Talk About StrangerVille' menu you can access that will be used in several different ways to progress and gather evidence.

The Curio

The crashed plane in strangetown and the curio.
Be sure to visit the plane to make an interesting friend. The Curio offers some helpful inventory and can help you decorate your home in conspiracy stuff, though most of it is found in buy mode. What can't be found there is the Secret Inventory, which you'll need a few times to complete the story.

Near the crashed plane is a small roadside store called the Curio Shop. Here you'll meet a conspiracy theorist who sells lots of Illuminati and alien posters and books. You can also purchase a Tin-foil hat from the store although it's not going to have much of an impact on gameplay. Visiting here is a requirement a few times later in the story so it's good to know about it, in particular the Secret Inventory which will only unlock items as you progress.

The Secret Lab

Visit the secret lab in Strangetown
The Lab in StrangerVille seems central to its mystery. Tucked away in a crater and adjacent to a military base, someone clearly thinks it is important.

Because of whatever happened there, the Secret Lab is abandoned and there's a hole in the fence your Sim will seemingly use to travel there, though it must be a fun climb up and over the crater edges. Visiting here and Examining The Sealed Door will complete the first milestone of the StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration.

Tips For Going Forward

Because many will decide to stop here and not come back to my walkthrough unless they're stuck, I want to point out a few things that can help smooth out the process. Scientists are often found at the town's Library, and Military are found at the town bar. Having one of each with at least 1/3 a bar of relationship can help so if your Sim is looking for social time it may be handy to hang out with someone who is knowledgeable about StrangerVille, in order to clear later steps. It's nothing major, just something I wished that I had done.

Continued in StrangerVille Mystery Guide Act 2

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Comments (4)

kate mulhollandsays...
hi, I'm new to the Strangervill and I have no idea how to get the filter for the hazmat suit can someone tell me how to get it?
Talk to a scientist (at or near the bar).
Travel to the StrangerVille Library, this is where the Scientists hang out. The only way to get the filter is to follow the story line with the Scientists.
I cant find anyone else to talk about strangerville with, are there certain people? you need to ask? I only have been able to talk to the curio people about strangerville, all other people give me the option to ask for keycard or give evidence
You should be able to talk about StrangerVille with every sim regardless if they are a StrangerVille resident or not. Keep going through the social friendly interactions, maybe it's just under a few layers of socials. If the interaction is still not there I'd save and quit your game. Then delete the localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims4 folder. How-To Delete Cache Files or try Repairing Your Game
Question: the curio sells only vegetables ? is it normal?
No, your game's glitched. Sounds like perhaps a mod causing issues? If you use mods, take them out, start a new game-check the curio shack. if it is working as normal then you'll know it's your mods. Figure out which one it is and let the mod creator know you're having this issue.
Help, I accidentally sold all my evidence before starting the Strangerville Aspiration and I'm past that part of the investigation. How can I get more evidence??
Just go back to various areas and recollect. You can also use the social 'Talk About StrangerVille' with the locals to get more evidence as well.
Or you could roll back to a previous save file of the same game to a point before you sold it all.
Roll back to previous save forum post Look at the info under the heading: Go Back to Previous Save or Rename a Saved Game:This will explain how to use a save file from an earlier time stamp.
When I go back to the Lab none of the piles are clickable anymore and when I talk to people about Strangerville they just tell me they want me to test the vaccine. Guess my only option is to go back but it was too long ago. Oh well, guess I just wont complete that one.

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