The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack

Hiring & Training a Staff - Chefs, Waiters, and Hosts

The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack Restaurant Employees
From the main menu, a picture of the three types of restaurant staff in The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack

Restaurants require, at minimum, one waiter, one host, and one chef in order to operate. Their roles and the skills they need to perform effectively will vary. The early selection of staff is not great, but you can improve their skills and make them happier to work for your establishment. This will help your Sim to make more money, and help guests enjoy their meals. This guide will teach you basic and advanced concepts for handling your staff. Let's look at some of the common things between the three types of employment, and then look at the unique features of each job in the restaurant.

Manage Employees
Press the manage employees button from the restaurant management menu (bottom right) at any time and you can access various commands, including hiring, firing, promoting and demoting.

Commonalities Between Host, Waiter, and Chef Employment Types

The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack - promote your staff
Promote staff who deserve it and share success together.

Opinion, Praising and Criticizing
Beneath the worker's portrait is an opinion, which usually starts a 'Neutral'. The worker is neither satisfied nor unsatisfied with working for you. Check up on will give you the same information as looking at the manage employees menu. Sims who are being paid well will be 'Satisfied' or 'Very Satisfied', while they can also be 'Unsatisfied' and 'Very Unsatisfied'. There are two factors at play here. One, your treatment of them - are you praising good behavior, or calling them out for slacking? It seems as if there is a mechanic where if they ARE slacking and you call them on it by using the Criticize interaction, the relationship won't take as big a hit. They'll be extra-motivated for a while via a positive moodlet. If they're trying their best, you can make them ticked at you and lower their opinion of working for your establishment. Don't think they're staring at the phone the whole time, the waiters are usually checking orders.

The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack - the praise interaction encourages employees
The Praise Interaction encourages your employees to do better. Criticize may do more to whip them into action, but harms their job satisfaction.

The Praise interaction will give your worker a temporary positive moodlet that absolutely helps them with performance. You can't have the host being mean to the customer the moment they walk in the door. Additionally, and more importantly is their pay grade. When employees begin to develop their skills, they'll know they deserve more pay for what they do. A waiter with 5 ranks in charisma and fitness is going to grow dissatisfied with employment, and if you go too far they will quit. On the flip side, they will be generally happier and more likely to do a good job if satisfied and properly promoted. Each of the three careers has 5 levels for the employees and set amounts of pay.

The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack employee types and skills
Employees require skills to do a good job for you. Pay for training to help them learn faster. A nice touch by EA in my opinion.

Training & Skill Gains
Your restaurant's employees require two types of skills each. Chefs require cooking and mixology, for example. Training employees means getting skill XP between shifts, while employees will also get natural skill experience just working for you. They'll gain about 1 level, depending where they stand. It's good to do early on to make your staff better as level 1-3 of each skill greatly limits their ability to do their jobs. There are three types of training available:

  • Brief Training - $150 - no requirement. Can help a new employee to catch up, but on-job experience is necessary to improve performance.
  • Standard Training - $600 - Requires level 5 in a Skill.
  • Extensive Training - $1500 - Requires level 7 in a skill.

Obviously, there are some gaps and staff will have to get on-the-job experience to fill them. It's better to do training as soon as it's available as the skill XP to level up grows greater as they progress, just as if you were leveling the skill with your own Sim. There are also good leaps from just a few levels in required skills.

Promoting & Demoting
As a general rule of thumb, a Sim should probably be promoted at least every 3 levels in their skills or else they are going to being feeling dissatisfied. This also depends how often you praise them. Demote should only be used if you have a 'Very Satisfied' employee who shouldn't be. Note the relationship is going to take a hit, but relationships DO NOT factor into the satisfaction of an employee (perhaps, unless it goes negative). Overall you should probably prefer the carrot (reward), not the stick (punishment). I guess Sims are good at keeping business and friendship from conflicting.

Employee Types

Let's look at employee types in the order your guests will interact with them:


The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack - Host employee
Hosts greet and seat guests. Their first impression on you is huge.

The host basically represents the restaurant and puts customers in a good mood when they arrive. Hosts are responsible for seating and greeting the guests. The host is important as their first impression on the customer cannot be changed, so I made it a point to praise my host (and use inspirational speech once it was possible) to put them in a good mood and keep them on track. Don't interrupt them from seating, though. Get them right at the beginning of service and between waves of customers. You don't want long wait times just to tell them they're doing a good job. Find moments of downtime. This position relies on the Comedy and Charisma skills exclusively. Hosts' skills are much like waiters in that at lower skill levels - regardless of the praise moodlet - they are more likely to goof and make a bad impression on a guest. Raising them to at least level 5-6 will stop those bad impressions from happening so long as the host is in a good mood.

The host position is an expensive one, but you'll only ever need one host operating from a lone host station. The host station is best placed nearby to tables, like all others. If the host has to walk to the back and then upstairs, back to the front of the building, it's going to take guests much much longer to be seated than if they're right there. You may even consider placing them in the center of a group of tables. Hosts make the following per hour:

  • Host Level 1 - $3
  • Host Level 2 - $6
  • Host Level 3 - $12
  • Host Level 4 - $20
  • Host Level 5 - $30

Waiters and Waitresses

The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack restaurant waiters
Waiters clean up, take orders, and provide menus to guests. Station them throughout your restaurant.

At least one waiter is required, they use the waiter station and may idle near it when doing nothing - so keep it nearby to guests. You can zone out waiters this way. Waiters and Waitresses provide menus, cleanup, and finished meals to your customers. You can unlock 2 more waiter slots by purchasing related perks. Waiters are reliant on the Charisma and Fitness to do their job - charisma's role being obvious, but fitness having to do with how likely they are to drop a plate and their general energy levels. As Charisma and Fitness improve, the odds of a 'bad service' marker for star rating goes down and odds for 'good service' go up. For example, level 1 charisma/fitness and 40% chance at bad service. 2-3 is only 20%. Get to 7-8 and you are more likely to have neutral or good services and no bad service ratings. This should absolutely be rewarded, as waiters are also partially responsible for one of the most important metrics, wait time. If the food is ready and the waiter isn't on the ball, wait time suffers. It's also required of them to get the order in the first place! Here are the 5 pay grades for waiters, so you know what you'll be paying if you promote them:

  • Waiter Rank 1 - $2
  • Waiter Rank 2 - $5
  • Waiter Rank 3 - $9
  • Waiter Rank 4 - $16
  • Waiter Rank 5 - $25


The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack - chefs make the food
If your chef gets insulted, praise them to help their mood. An angry chef = a bad chef. They have knives, you know.

The Chef's role in your restaurant is to make food and drink. Don't let them get less interaction from you just because they're in the back. The chef's mood and skill play into their performance, just as any other. I believe that Sims can cook level 5 foods at level 5, but not do it well until they surpass the skill level. Each level will make it more likely they are going to produce better quality food. Differing from other positions, the chef can be told to cook either quickly or carefully. These two both provide +/- 20% quality and speed. Quickly will sacrifice quality by 20% but speed up by the same amount. It is good to choose quickly if you have a high level chef cooking low level foods and you want to feed lots of Sims and move them out fast. Carefully is good for newer chefs who have low skill but might make use of the quality bump. This is particularly useful when you first hire your second chef. These settings will stay active until you change them back to normally.

  • Chef Rank 1 - $7
  • Chef Rank 2 - $12
  • Chef Rank 3 - $17
  • Chef Rank 4 - $30
  • Chef Rank 5 - $50
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    Hi! Wondering if you can hire sims you've made. Not family members, but other sims you control?
    7th June 2016 6:52pm
    KK Mack
    I have get to work and dine out. You are able to hire (unemployed) sims you've made that are not in the household that you are playing in GTW. More than likely, its the same for Dine Out.
    7th June 2016 9:11pm
    Has anyone tried to hire playable sims?
    8th June 2016 2:43pm
    The only sims that are available for hiring are non-housed NPC's. You could play a sim, then evict them and delete a number of the Out of The World sims using the Manage Household menu until your previously played sim appears on the hiring menu. You could also replace that now hired sim in a house, but the minute you go to play that household the sim would lose his/her job.
    8th June 2016 6:08pm
    Has anyone tried to hire playable sims?
    8th June 2016 6:16pm
    Unfortunately you can't hire played sims. They will just not come up in the hiring menu.
    9th June 2016 5:03pm
    I have tried. I've go two sisters - Allie and Rita. Rita hired Allie as a chef and Allie hired Rita as a waitress.
    Let me tell you, I've got two Allies and two Ritas. The restaurant owners Rita and Allie comes in to the restaurant, opens it and the staff arrives - including waitress Rita and chef Allie.
    The staff sisters appear as a new entry in the owners sisters' Relationships and apparently owner Rita doesn't like the waitress Rita much, but likes chef Allie. Owner Allie on the other hand likes waitress Rita but hasn't met chef Alline (which is weird, because she regularly pays for her training, praises her and eventually promotes her).
    Both owner sisters have the relationship bar maxed out with green (they're good sisters).
    This is so weird. ;_;
    15th April 2017 8:40am
    Has anyone tried to hire playable sims?
    10th June 2016 5:22am
    I just have a question wondering if u might know the answer. The employee u having in the restraint can u play as them to get there skills up and it help them at work? Like getting a chef more cooking skill and they still have it when u play in the restraint. I hope I make sense x
    8th June 2016 7:51am
    Erica s
    I've tried this twice and my staff got reset both times. If anyone figures a way around this I'd like to know too.
    8th June 2016 11:18am
    I used cheats to skill up some sims then placed them into my game but not in a house. I deleted all the other townies in the manage worlds menu then went into my played household and bought a restaurant. The only sims that appeared on the hiring menu were the skilled townies I had made so hiring them was easy. I then placed them all into houses but did not play them. That way I was able to have skilled NPC's in all the positions in my restaurant that wouldn't be culled.
    8th June 2016 6:14pm
    How do you skill them up without playing them?
    9th August 2016 7:50pm
    You have to play the sims to skill them up but after you have placed them into a household just mark that household as 'unplayed'.
    Have a look at this tutorial that a simmer made on the USA official Sims forum. It's great.
    9th August 2016 10:30pm
    I did what you said and the people I made (whose skills I maxed) were indeed in the "manage employees" but their skills were not maxed out :(
    26th October 2016 3:17am
    Yes, this happens sometimes. I've had the same thing occur a few times. Least the traits stick so the sims have the right traits for the job. I have found that when this happens the sims seem to skill up slightly quicker, not sure if this really is the case as I haven't tested it extensively but it appears that way.
    27th October 2016 5:47pm
    I do not understand how to get this to work. My host and my waiter are doing what they're supposed to do, but my chef does nothing which leads to all my guests leaving. I can't even interact with him with the manage-thing that works fine with the other employees. Anyone know? Or am I just stupid?
    8th June 2016 3:42pm
    Sounds like a bug. Fire him then save and quit your game. Delete the localthumb.package file from your TheSims4 folder and restart your game. Hire a new chef and hopefully it will be fixed.
    8th June 2016 6:11pm
    In order for every employee to do their job the station that they work at has to be correctly placed in the restaurant or else they will just stand at the sidewalk. So move your chef station around until you figure out where it works.
    5th August 2016 11:19pm
    Can my current active household members work as the host/waiter/chef? If so, how do I get them to do that?
    8th June 2016 4:11pm
    No. Only NPC's can take those roles within the game. The only 'job' a controlled sim can do is the manager role.
    8th June 2016 6:11pm
    I just hired my second chef, but now the first one doesn't show up for work, so all I have is the new, inexperienced chef. Does anyone know if this always happens, or should they both show up?
    8th June 2016 10:03pm
    Erica s
    You need a second chef station. Also if you have more than one waiter you will need another wait station.
    9th June 2016 12:49pm
    Simma Fierce
    It depends on when you hire them. They won't come the same day if you open the restaurant already.
    15th June 2016 11:11pm
    I can't find the host or waiter station, where is it ?
    8th June 2016 10:15pm
    While you are on your restaurant lot go into build mode and using the 'show all' option and then sort by pack>Dine Out. That will then only show the items that came with the Dine Out pack and make it much easier to scroll through and find items. You can also use the search bar for quick searching items.
    9th June 2016 5:01pm
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