The Sims 4 Get to Work: Scientist

Inventions, Serums, and Active Career Schedule

Scientist in The Sims 4 Get to Work
A Scientist works with the Invention Constructor

The Sims 4's Scientist Career is a fun new Active Career added with the Get to Work Expansion Pack. While on the job, you'll do a lot of science-y activities and unlock new inventions and serums, upgrade your SimRay, as well as the ability to order your co-workers around. There are loads of lab coats and accessories to unlock for your Sim in CAS as you get promoted, and you'll gradually get the ability to travel to Sixam, the Alien World in The Sims 4! Look to the screenshots here to see the three pieces of equipment you need to properly do your job. Below, you will find a listing of all the serums and inventions, with what those do and what you need to make them.

How to: Scientist Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote adult_active_scientist - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

You'll need no particular traits to be successful as a Scientist, given the negligible boost that Focused provides to active careers. Geek can be good, given the collectibles present at the Science Lab. Something like 'Good' or 'Cheerful' may be handy as a buffer against negative moods, however. The Curator Aspiration is a little easier to complete as a Scientist, given the collecting opportunities afforded by being able to ask your coworkers for crystals, metals, collectible opportunities on the Laboratory lot itself, and the use of the SimRay to transform duplicate items (very random, but can help!).

A lot of little things can happen at work, but I'll leave those up to you to discover! For example there are collecting days, and days where Aliens have infiltrated the lab. On collecting days, you'll learn of the many valuable items that can be found on the Science Lab's lot. You can get the required 10 collectibles very easily by harvesting the plants in the lab. These plants should be tended from time to time if you want to use them, because they can die.

Scientists can earn gobs of money using the SimRay in its upgraded form. Its transform function effectively changes objects into different variants. Sometimes the same type, sometimes not, but when you start with a cheap object and transform it, you're almost guaranteed to have something more valuable to sell in buy mode.

Be aware that if you're running behind on performance for the day, you can stay late. Know however that there's no need to keep going once you've filled the bar. You'll get the maximum performance for that day. Just be sure to stay until your shift is over, because you get a hefty performance penalty for leaving early even if your work is done.

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Sixam, the Alien World in Sims 4
The level 10 Scientist Uniform is ultra-futuristic. The arm and eye augmentation are nice touches.

Using the Notebook
You can access your Sim's notebook by clicking the phone, then the notebook button at the top of any of its screens. This will show you the ingredients to make any of the inventions or serums. This handy little section also tracks your progress in gardening by providing combinations of plants used to create new species.


Analyzing Crystals and Metals
Scientists get to skip sending Crystals and Metals to the Geo Council in order to collect Elements. You'll get them faster and don't lose the metal/crystal in the process, which lets you complete these collections faster (along with asking co-workers for these two types). You may need to go to Sixam to finish the collection, but it's a great perk. Simply use the chemical analyzer to do this. Thanks to PrismagramAuthor for the tip on the Elements page and Playalot for bringing it to my attention that this was not in the guide!

Breakthroughs: Eureka! Moments
Scientist Sims can have a Breakthrough any time while doing certain activities. Start with something like Browse Simpedia on the computer, pondering chess moves, studying fossils, or drinking pitch black tea to get a Focused Moodlet. Look for the little light bulb and gear icons next to interactions to know if it will give you a Breakthrough. Just about anything that raises Logic can be used, but reading is also an excellent method. Use a bookshelf and 'Read Something'. You will see a lightbulb over the Sim's head when they've had a Eureka Moment. The Bookworm Trait may be used to read a bit faster and perhaps speed this up.

A Scientist makes a breakthrough
A Eureka! Moment in action. Scientists learn new inventions and serums this way.

The Eureka Moodlet (+2 Focused) can help Sims to make yet another scientific discovery. Tinker (used on Computer, Coffee Maker, Invention Constructor and other Objects) as well as Experiment (on some scientific equipment) are reliable sources of new breakthroughs. Because you'll be seeking to make these Eureka moments happen often and the Nerd Brain Aspiration's focus on Logical activities, it's not a bad Aspiration for your Scientist. You'll get the Quick Learner Bonus Trait as well, which helps with leveling all Skills.

Ordering Co-Workers
As you level, you will be given to order your Co-Workers to do things for you. Whatever they collect or invent is given to your Sim, so you can do quite well for yourself to use this regularly. They can be promoted using 'Praise Work Ethic'. Thanks, Playalot!

Career Tasks

Chemical Analyzer
The Chemical Analyzer is one object you'll use frequently

Here are some of the things you are called to do while working as a Scientist, with brief instructions on how to do them should you get stuck:

  • Invent the Momentum Conserver, SimRay, etc. - Use the Invention Constructor
  • Use Inventions - Drag them from the Invention Constructor after built
  • Upgrade Inventions - Drag from your Sim's inventory to the Invention Constructor
  • Synthesize Serums - Use the Chemistry Lab
  • Practice Analysis - Use the Chemical Analyzers (look like a PC work station)
  • Analyze Plant Sample - Take from any plant, use Microscope. Note that this can raise the quality level of a plant sample one time.
  • Need Metals? Ask Co-Workers or look about the huge lab lot, which has loads of metal spawners.
  • When you need a common plant ingredient to make a Serum at work, you can sometimes get it by ordering the appropriate type of seed packet by clicking a garden planter in the lab. The computers have the 'Order' function disabled while at work, but this is a little workaround.
  • With regard to Serums, give them to Co-workers so you don't get your Sim into a bad mood!
Scientist in Get to Work
Scientist' basic uniforms in Get to Work. Interaction with colleagues is a common task related to job performance.

Scientist Work Schedule

Scientists will see their career performance boosted by going in to work in a Focused Mood. Look for objects on the job that can help you get there. Some of the early inventions, like the Momentum Conserver, can help immensely with this. Consider decorating work areas with collectibles that give off a focused moodlet - see here for your options.

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Lab Technician$24/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$216Have 2 Breakthroughs (Synthetic Food Serum + Momentum Conserver)N/A
2Apprentice Inventor$32/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$288/dayHave 4 Breakthroughs (Red Hot Serum + SimRay)$192, Journey to the Stars, New Clothes
3Junior Tinkerer$39/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$351/dayHave 6 Breakthroughs (Rose Perfume Serum + Hover Lamp)$256, Flying Saucer Table Lamp, New Clothes
4Serum Sequencer$48/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$432/dayHave 8 Breakthroughs (Snake Oil Serum + Satellite Dish)$312, Chemistry Lab
5Technological Innovator$72/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$648/dayHave 10 Breakthroughs (Slimify Serum + Cloning Machine)$384, SIM5-4 Test Tube Pedestal, New Clothes
6Ufologist$102/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$918/dayHave 12 Breakthroughs (Ghost Goo Serum + Electroflux Wormhole Generator)$576, Cautionary Tale Door, X-180 Shatterproof Window
7Laboratory Leader$142/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$1278/dayHave 14 Breakthroughs (Need Fixer Serum + Embiggen Serum)$816, Hygienic Decontamination Pod
8Pioneer of New Technologies$187/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$1683/dayHave 16 Breakthroughs (Spark Drive Serum + Ox Strength Serum)$1136, New Clothes
9Mad Scientist$215/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$1935/dayHave 18 Breakthroughs (Smart Serum + Fixer's Luck Serum)$1496, New Clothes
10Extraterrestrial Explorer$247/hourMon-Fri 10AM-7PM$2223/dayGo to Work! Can discover Reaper's Friend Serum, Alien Aura Serum, and Age-Away Serum$1720, Out of this World Desktop, New Clothes, Mystery Science Laboratory styled room (costs $28,286).


Momentum Conserver (Level 1)
When turned on and viewed, the momentum conserver sometimes gives Sims a Focused Moodlet.

Sixam, the Alien World in Sims 4
The Simray is a portable device with freeze, transform, and mind control options

SimRay (Level 2, 1 Common Metal, 1 Common Crystal)
The SimRay is the main invention you'll get to upgrade over time as a Scientist. With each level beyond its invention, you'll unlock a new upgrade that you're often prompted to try on co-workers. At first, it can only freeze Sims for a time, locking them in ice that must be chiseled to set them free. Otherwise, you've just got to wait it out. Here are the various SimRay upgrades you get, along with the level my own Sim unlocked them:

  • Transform Objects (Level 3) - Changes an object to another. Use on cheap objects to make lots of money
  • Mind Control: Change Clothes (Level 4) - Pick a Sim and the outfit type you'd like them to wear
  • Mind Control: Clean (Level 5) - 'Inspires' a Sim to clean
  • Mind Control: Sit (Level 6) - Makes a Sim take a seat
  • Mind Control: Eat (Level 7) - Makes a Sim inspired to eat
  • Mind Control: Sleep (Level 8) - Put a Sim to sleep
  • Mind Control: Panic (Level 9) - Freak a Sim out for a time
  • Transform Sim (Level 10) - Give a Sim random hair and other cosmetic adjustments. Can have wildly unpredictable outcomes.

Hover Lamp (Level 3)
Another invention that when turned on and viewed may give Sims a +2 Focused Moodlet.

The satellite for scientists in Sims 4
Neighborhood Hivemind options on the Satellite Dish can be amusing, and are rather powerful.

Satellite Dish
(Level 4, 3 Common Metals, 3 Common Crystals)

Can be upgraded at level 8. Satellite dishes can be used to detect aliens (when upgraded) for a time, and even prevent abductions for 24 hours. You may contact aliens, which will seemingly increase the likelihood of an abduction as well. The main fun here lies in the neighborhood hive mind abilities that can be used, namely:

  • Knockout - puts everyone to sleep
  • Bladder Epidemic - Makes everyone need to relieve themselves
  • Happy Town - Makes everyone Happy, with a +2 Inexplicably Happy Moodlet
  • Angry Town - Inflicts everyone with an Angry Moodlet
  • Dance Party - You can imagine!

Cloning Machine
(Level 5, 2 Common Metals, 2 Common Crystals)

Can be upgraded at level 8. The cloning machine requires you to place an object upon it. When a valid item, such as a collectible is placed, that object can be cloned. This can be very handy to making serums, as well as any other item in the game that you need more than one to make something. You can save a lot of money on food with this, as meals can be cloned, as well! To clone an object multiple times, just take the new one off and clone the original again. When upgraded, it will let you clone a Sim! The new Sim will join your household and have the same traits and appearance as the original, though there is a chance they get some evil clone traits, like mean or evil. They will not, however, have any of the Skills of the original, nor a Career.

Sixam, the Alien World in Sims 4
Travel to Sixam is one of the major benefits of pursuing the Scientist Active Career

Electroflux Wormhole Generator
(Level 6, 2 Uncommon Metals, 2 Uncommon Crystals, 2 of Any Element

Can be upgraded at level 10. The normal Calibrate, Attempt Alien Contact, and Test Alien Environment abilities this features seem primarily to help your Sim to get more breakthroughs as well as Focused Moodlets. When upgraded at level 10, the Wormhole Generator allows travel to Sixam, the Alien World.


These are another great feature of being a Scientist. They take ingredients, but don't cost money. In fact, you can make some money off the serums in some cases. The value listed is the sell value, which is often way more than the cost of the ingredients. Keep in mind that you can find the option to give Sims a Serum under the Friendly menu. When you've tested a Serum three times, you can make a tainted version to trick Sims into taking it and getting bad effects. Drinking too many Serums can knock your Sim out, so wait on the effects to wear off before taking more than one or two.

Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry Lab allows the creation of Serums. You'll unlock one for your home later in the Career.
LevelSerum NameValueIngredientsWhat it Does
1Synthetic Food$100Any Plant (2)Satisfies Hunger
2Red Hot$200BasilMakes a Sim Angry
3Rose Perfume$300RoseMakes a Sim Flirty
4Snake Oil$400DaisyShould your Sim get sick, this will cure them of the illness.
5Slimify$500Parsley (2), Carrot (2)Makes a Sim slimmer
6Ghost Goo$600Mushroom (3)Temporarily turns a Sim into a Ghost
7Need Fixer$650Spinach, Any Common Metal (2)Fixes all of a Sim's Needs
7Embiggen$700Plantain (2), Apple (2)Fatten up a Sim
8Spark Drive$750Strawberry, Any Common CrystalMakes a Sim Energized
8Ox Strength$800Spinach (2), Any Common CrystalMakes a Sim more fit, increasing muscle mass
9Smart$850Chrysanthemum (2), Apple (2)Provides a 6h Moodlet - may be Inspired, Bored, and possibly others.
9Fixer's Luck$900Any Upgrade Parts (2)For 8 hours, Tinkering and Salvaging give extra Upgrade Parts, while you may also repair broken objects super fast.
10Reaper's Friend$950Death Flower, Alien CrystalHelp Sims avoid death - but given it takes a Death Flower, it's not that useful.
10Alien Aura$1000Alien Metal, Alien Crystal, Alien PlantGives a Sim access to alien powers for a time, without the tense moodlet holding them back. Thanks to dodi for pointing out my mistake on this one.
10Age-Away$1050Quill Fruit, Xenopetrium, Alien Crystal (2)Resets the Sim's current Age back to day 1

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Comments (55)


I have a Sim in the scientist career lvl 7.. and added another scientist to the household. I made the new sim quit thier job. But my other sim is still a scientist lvl 7 but can't buy the chemistry lab.. I am confused.

Emmett Brownsays...

Is there some trick to learning Age Away Serum? My sim spent two days in the telescope trying to get a Eureka on Age Away, and nothing. I have the other two level ten serums, but not AAS.

This is the second game I've run into this problem!

I've been sending him to work alone to get the benefits of the entrepreneurial and ambitious trait and the fame trait. Do I have to actually go to work to unlock this?

Emmett Brownsays...

Right after I posted, my sim got Age Away from the telescope. He didn't have to go to work, it just takes awhile.

I did it! I had a normal human and I made age away as a young adult! Now... what to do with the next month of Covid-19 isolation?


Age-Away Serum is the last thing that you can get from Eureka, There are 23 Eureka in total if I remember, maybe you're on 22nd Eureka, so you need 1 more to unlocked it.


Tips : if you drank Reaper's Friend serum and it's worked (get +2 confident for a day).

When you meet Grim Reaper, he will give you "Reaper Hug", and you will get +10 happy for 2 days.

You can spawn Grim Reaper by failing drink Ghost Goo and Reaper's Friend serums. Make it tainted to likely get failed.


Might want to note that Alien Aura serum fails 90% of the time, even when tested. It's not a bug. It's an intentional cruel joke from the devs.


Did EA patch out cloning of potions/serums with the cloning machine? The game won't let me place down or clone potions or serums via the machine. Strangely enough, I am able to clone spellcaster potions though...

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