The Sims 4: Microscope Prints Collection

Finding all 12 from Analyze Plant, Crystal, and Fossil

The Sims 4 Microscope Prints Collection
Microscope Prints come from a variety of sources: Analyzing Plant, Crystal, and Fossil Samples will net you those hardest to find collectibles.

Completing the Sims 4's Microscope Prints Collection (12 Prints) requires you to purchase a Microscope for $1,630 (Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Study > Hobbies & Skills). It can pay off within a week, thanks to some of the valuable prints you'll find when working on the collection. You will gain much Logic Skill by using the Microscope while Focused. In order to finish this Collection, you'll need Logic level 8 to unlock last of three types of analysis Sims can perform with a Microscope after collecting related samples. Each Print comes with an Emotional Aura that can be enabled, giving nearby Sims a passive Focused Moodlet. The rate that you find them can be boosted by upgrading the Microscope's eyepiece at level 9 Handiness.

Microscope Prints List

Prints are either found from 'Use' Microscope, analyze plant sample (Logic 2), fossil sample (Logic 5), or crystal sample (Logic 8). You can 'Take Microscope Sample' from the same item then wait several hours to do it again, or speed up the process by taking multiple plant/fossil/crystal samples and analyzing them.

Microscope PrintValueRarityFound by...
Hooplankton$100CommonUse Microscope Regularly
Party in Pink$115CommonUse Microscope Regularly
Psychedelic Rock$110CommonUse Microscope Regularly
Rhapsody in Blue$95CommonAnalyze Plant Samplea
Snow Fight$110CommonAnalyze Crystal Sample
The Drifter$105CommonUse Microscope Regularly
Blemish Blossom$220UncommonAnalyze Plant Sample
Cell Block$220UncommonUse Microscope Regularly
Falling$215UncommonUse Microscope Regularly
Trace Remains$255UncommonAnalyze Fossil Sample
Crystal Palace$485RareAnalyze Crystal Sample
Leaf Meat$445RareAnalyze Fossil Sample

In all, there are 6 to find from using the Microscope regularly and two each from Analyze Fossil, Plant, and Crystal Sample.

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Comments (1)

Sarah Schneesays...
How often do these prints come up when using the microscope regularly? Many of my sims build logic skill by the microscope and besides directly analyzing samples, no prints have come up.
Analyzing samples while focused is definitely the more reliable way to gain prints. Not sure on actual in-game percentages but the focused mood increases the chances.

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