The Sims 4: Frog Collection

Catching and Breeding Frogs

Collect Frogs from Logs in The Sims 4
Frogs can be found in Logs and Water Pumps

In The Sims 4, Frogs can be caught and bred to make new types. Finding these little guys is guaranteed when you search a log or water pump (as in Forgotten Grotto). However, they can also be found in ponds, but this requires you to queue up multiple actions in order to catch the slippery critters. I'd do it with the game speed on at least 2, and continually click to add new Search for Frogs interactions with the Pond.

While Frogs were initially set at a rather low value, a patch changed them to be more valuable, particularly for the rarer breeds. You can easily get a few hundred Simoleons by catching frogs for several hours. In this Guide, I'll teach you all you need to know about collecting Frogs with a little help from Forum Member Kresh, who graciously provided information on Frog Breeding Mechanics.

Ponds are the best places to find Frogs
Ponds are the best places to find Frogs

Where to find Frogs
Skip the logs. You may have some luck here and there, but overall scouring each neighborhood for logs is just too time consuming. The best way to do it is to use the three ponds in the game. I first hit up the park in Willow Creek and got a good portion of my collection, probably about half. Afteward, a trip to Sylvan Glade provided some new types of Frogs. After several runs, my Frog collection was missing Spotted Heart, Heartsurfer, Dirtwhirl, Whirlyflower, and the Bullseye frog. Since I hadn't been there, I headed to Oasis Springs park and found all the missing ones.

To me, this provided proof that there are frogs common to all ponds, but different types may be found in each. If you are missing a particular frog, you can breed them to complete your collection. Read more on that below the list of Frogs.

Sims 4 Frog List

The Sims 4 Frog Collection
There are 25 Types of Frog in The Sims 4

Frogs List

Frog NameValueRarity
When placed, all Frogs give Environment +3 for Decorated Moodlets
Striped Leaf Frog$10Common
Striped Dirt Frog$30Common
Dirt Frog$10Common
Leaf Frog$10Common
Heart Frog$10Common
Spotted Leaf Frog$10Common
Spotted Dirt Frog$30Common
Eggplant Frog$10Common
Surfer Leaf Frog$10Uncommon
Tiger Frog$35Uncommon
Leopard Frog$100Uncommon
Striped Eggplant Frog$10Uncommon
Striped Heart Frog$10Uncommon
DirtSurfer Frog$100Uncommon
DirtWhirl Frog$120Uncommon
Spotted Eggplant Frog$10Uncommon
Spotted Heart Frog$30Uncommon
Sunflower Frog$30Uncommon
SunSurfer Frog$125Rare
Eggplant Whirl Frog$100Rare
Bullseye Frog$100Rare
Heart Surfer Frog$25Rare
Whirlyflower Frog$160Rare
Surfer Eggplant Frog$30Rare

Frog Breeding

Mechanics of Combining Frogs
As mentioned before, the following information comes from Forum Member Kresh. I'm grateful for this, as it may have taken me some time to figure out myself. As Kresh explained, each Frog has two genes. One type, and one attribute. The table below shows what a frog's type will be when its type has a particular attribute.

Types are like the frog's basic type - they may be Leaf, Dirt, Eggplant, Heart, or Sunflower. An attribute of 'None' produces a frog of that generic type, ("Sunflower Frog", or "Dirt Frog") while spotted, striped, surf, and whirl are other attributes. Since each frog has two variables, you have a 25% chance of getting the desired Frog when combining them. So, take the following example:

A regular Dirt Frog has the 'Type' Dirt and the Attribute 'None'. Combining this with a Spotted Eggplant frog, Eggplant 'Type' and Spotted 'Attribute' may give you either A regular Eggplant Frog, a regular Dirt Frog, a Spotted Dirt Frog or a Spotted Eggplant frog. Gathering numerous frogs and combining intelligently can help you to finish your Frog Collection and get a decorative plaque in the mail. So, if you are missing a Spotted Eggplant Frog, get any kind of Spotted Frog and any type of Eggplant frog and combine them until you get lucky!

To understand this table, A Heart Frog with the Whirl Attribute will be a Bullseye Frog and A Dirt frog with the Surf Attribute will be a Dirtsurfer Frog. The table will not appear correctly on small mobile devices, so visit on your computer!

frog Types and Attributes

Common Frog, Uncommon Frog, Rare Frog
LeafLeaf FrogStriped LeafSpotted LeafSurfer LeafHypnofrog
DirtDirt FrogStriped DirtSpotted DirtDirtsurfer FrogDirtwhirl Frog
EggplantEggplant FrogStriped EggplantSpotted EggplantSurfer EggplantEggplant Whirl
HeartHeart FrogStriped HeartSpotted HeartHeartsurferBullseye Frog
SunflowerSunflower FrogTiger FrogLeopard FrogSunsurfer FrogWhirlyflower Frog

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Frog breeding seems to have a 4hr cooldown
12th February 2016 5:21pm
It does but it is related to the sim not to the frog. So if you have multiple sims in your household you can move the frogs between the sims personal inventories and keep breeding. Smile
12th February 2016 7:57pm
How can I get the frog log as an object on my home lot? That way I can catch frogs everyday without going to the park. Also do the logs spawns frogs randomly?

9th May 2016 7:00am
The frog spawners should be in your neighborhood area, the area around your home that your sim can walk to without encountering a loading screen. Sometimes they look like little stone wells with a dripping tap.
9th May 2016 4:57pm
Valuable info. Lucky me I found your website by accident, and I'm shocked why this twist of fate didn't happened earlier! I bookmarked it.
23rd July 2016 4:22am
Excellent post. I'm facing some of these issues as well..
17th August 2016 12:15am
I don't think the breeding system is quite as straightforward as that. I just bred a Surfer Leaf and an Eggplant Frog in the hopes of either getting a Leaf Frog or a Surfer Eggplant, but I got a Sunflower Frog?? So either it's my game that's wacky, or there's a random aspect to the breeding as well.
12th May 2017 10:34am
The sunflower frog is the equivalent of the leaf frog or the heart frog etc. It is like the 'base' frog for the sunflower breed and does weirdly pop up as a result of pairings where it isn't expected. Not sure if it is a glitch or not but keep breeding the 'correct pairs' and you will get the target resulting frog eventually.
12th May 2017 8:42pm
Beverly Hodge
How do you breed frogs?
19th October 2017 1:42pm
Have two frogs in a sims personal inventory. Click on one and the option to breed will show, then choose which other frog to breed it to. There is a cool down on the frog breeding but it is linked to sims so that once bred you can then drag the two frogs into another sims inventory and breed them again. This makes getting the full collection a little faster than if you have to wait for the full cool-down period each time after breeding. Also collection frogs from ponds in parks is a great way to get a lot of frogs quickly and from there breeding for just the ones you need makes it a bit easier.
19th October 2017 10:57pm
Had all of them but two of the uncommon. Rare section was full! How does that work? ;)
5th November 2017 7:07pm
RNG luck! Cool
6th November 2017 5:15pm
Is there anywhere/anyone who can list what bred with what will make which type of frog? Are there any specific spots to find good frogs?
6th December 2017 11:28am
This info is right there in the last table on this guide page under the heading frog Types and Attributes. Just read across and down. Note that breeding 2 frogs together can result in the same as both types or the desired result so it is a bit of RNG luck which type you'll get. This means that it can take multiple breedings to get the missing frog you need.
So breeding a Striped Leaf and a Heart will result in a Striped Heart, but can also result in another Stripped leaf and another Heart.
6th December 2017 5:20pm
Great guide but how do you actually breed them? Where are the menus or options or how is this done exactly?
17th December 2017 6:49pm
Have two frogs in a sims inventory, click on one and then a menu will pop up for you to choose which frog to breed it to.
More info there in the last table on this guide page under the heading frog Types and Attributes. Just read across and down. Note that breeding 2 frogs together can result in the same as both types or the desired result so it is a bit of RNG luck which type you'll get. This means that it can take multiple breedings to get the missing frog you need.
So breeding a Striped Leaf and a Heart will result in a Striped Heart, but can also result in another Stripped leaf and another Heart.
18th December 2017 9:09pm
Dannielle Lynn Albert
How do I get a heart frog? I have been searching ponds for several generations now... and no one has found a heart frog or any of the heart frog's cousins.
28th March 2018 10:18pm
The pond in Oasis park will have them. Get a sim focused and then just spam catch frog interaction on the pond.
If you use mods and or cc make sure they are not outdated and I'd also delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder even if you do not use mods/cc.
29th March 2018 7:06pm
How do do you search for frogs in the ponds? It will only let me fish.
20th May 2018 3:51pm
You should have the option to look for frogs when you click on the pond water.
21st May 2018 10:44pm
It seems a patch removed this feature because it doesn't work anymore.
You can only fish in ponds not search frogs
3rd July 2018 9:41pm
Wow, you are correct! I wonder when this feature was removed as there is no mention in any of the patch notes. We'll get to updating the guide asap to reflect this change.

So, only way to get frog is by searching in the Frog logs and then breeding from there.
4th July 2018 7:35pm
Random Obsessions
I keep searching how to place frogs in the world, but keep getting how to breed frogs. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PLACE FROGS IN THE WORLD?
22nd December 2018 6:00pm
Just drag them out of your sims inventory. They can also be dragged between sims without being placed in the world.
23rd December 2018 7:51pm
Is there any place to store all these frogs? Or just use up my floor space? I thought they stacked? Or was that Sims 3?
Sorry if I sound panicky! I'm at a loss! Scared Crying
27th February 2019 11:08am
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