The Sims 4 Emotions

Emotion System Mechanics, Moods, and How to get Sims Feeling Each

The Sims 4's Emotion System relies on Moodlets
Learn all you need to know about Emotions in this Guide

The Sims 4 brings with it the Emotions system. Emotions can boost Sims' performance in Skills, Careers, Social, and Romantic Interactions. They can also be negative and limit the things a Sim can do, such as when Uncomfortable and needing sleep. While most of us will strive to give our Sims positive Emotions to improve their performance, negative Emotions happen. If they go too far, they can cause a Sim's death - so we'll discuss soothing those in this guide. However, for storytellers and people who enjoy watching their Sims without major regard for how fast they can do things, negative emotions may just be another nuance in the day to day life of Sims. They, too, can unlock special interactions with objects and other Sims that allow a Sim to blow off steam or ease their tension. They may also lead to fights and other "negative" events that may be interesting to players.

This Guide is huge and could not be done so well by myself alone. Our community has contributed a lot of information that was helpful in making this Guide to Emotions. Justproud2b compiled the community's information into a massive list of Moodlets that produce Emotions and more is always being added. This Guide focuses on the common things you can do to get to 'very' on any Emotion, but if you want to see a list of nearly all the little things that contribute via various traits etc. you can click here.

Cheat to Get a Good Mood
If you want to simply cheat and ignore the Emotions system for now, press Control + Shift + C, type testingcheats on and press enter. Now shift-click your Sim, and you'll find a menu to let you disable need decay. You can do this for an entire household by shift-clicking your Sim's mailbox. With this cheat, the whole world can be put in a good mood! Once that is done, simply do one of the activities listed on the emotions pages to get your Sim 'Focused', 'Inspired', or whatever you require.


List of Emotions in Sims 4

The Sims 4 features the following Emotions. Further down the page, you'll find information on each of these. First, we'll talk about the mechanics of emotions so you can understand what's going on and how Sims get Emotional. Not all the Negative Emotions here are bad per se. They are just not going to boost performance like the good ones. Every Career and Skill has an Ideal Mood, which can be seen in the list of Emotions further down the page. You can click an emotion to jump down to the section about it:

Learning About Emotions

Very Embarrassed in Sims 4
The highest Moodlet Score Determines the Emotion. He Peed Himself

How Emotions Form
Emotions come from Moodlets and these may last from minutes to days. Each Moodlet produces an amount of Emotion that you can view by mousing over it (for ex. Happy +1), and the dominant Emotion determines what a Sim is feeling. Think of Happiness as a secondary emotion, with the other emotions as primary. If a Sim has +4 to Happy, but only +2 Angry, they will stay happy despite having an Angry Moodlet. If one of the positive Happy Moodlets runs out and the balance shifts to +2 Happy, +2 Angry, the Sim will become Angry. This is because Happy is no longer dominant and Angry is a primary Emotion. If two positive emotions are tied, the first that came will determine what Emotional state the Sim is in.

A Sim could only soothe their Anger if it were the dominant Emotion at the time - therefore the Emotion that is displayed for the Sim. This is the same for all negative Emotions' Moodlets. Simply having a Moodlet is not enough to allow you to remove it - the Sim needs to really feel that as the primary Emotion in order for you to take actions to soothe it. After all, if it's overpowered by Happiness or Focused, it's not having an effect on the Sim. However, when other Moodlets expire, it may. In the case of our Angry Sim, simply hitting a Punching bag or taking a Cold Shower will remove the Moodlet. Doing this can be important if your Sim is having a bad day and has multiple stacked negative Emotions.

Tense Emotion Sims 4
Tension can be relieved with a nice bath

Emotions and Object/Social Interactions
Every emotion has a color associated with it. When you select an item or Sim, some interactions will show a color on the action, meaning the emotion is either unlocking that interaction or boosting its chance of 'success'. In regard to skills, it means the Sim will be better at using the skill and make gains faster or produce higher quality work while under the effect of that Emotion.

Emotion System Mechanics

Happy Moodlets boost Emotions
Happy Moodlets Boost any other Positive Primary Emotion

Happiness and Boosts
While 'Fine' is the default Emotional state with no Moodlets, Happy is what most Moodlets will give to Sims and is the default Emotion when Needs are high (because of the resulting Moodlet). Happy boosts all Positive Emotions, and if it is in the lead will cancel out negative ones. If you have a large amount of Happy Moodlets, you can jump to an Emotional State like Very Confident with ease - The Sims 4 takes every point of Happiness to boost a primary, positive emotion.

Boosting & the Threshold to 'Very' Positive Emotions
Positive Emotions come in two flavors, from the regular Confident, Energized, Flirty, Focused, Inspired, or Playful to Very Confident, Very Energized, etc. These 'Very' Emotions help Sims perform even better with related interactions. The total +Emotion needed to get 'Very' any of these is 8. If you have 4 from Happiness and 4 from Flirty, that will make your Sim Very Flirty. With +5 from Happiness and 3 from Confident, your Sim will be Very Confident. If two emotions have the same amount, and you want your Sim in the other emotion, you need to make it dominant by getting another +1 or 2 to beat the other.

Emotional Auras in Sims 4
Items with Emotional Auras can be Enabled/Disabled and Viewed for Moodlets

Emotional Aura & Emotion Score Thresholds
While most Emotion comes from interactions, if you want your Sim to have an Emotion in a certain area - say Flirty in the Bedroom or Focused/Inspired in the Office, you can use items that give off Emotional Auras. These can be enabled/disabled by clicking on the item. Emotional Auras extend 9 big squares, visible in buy mode, so this can help you plan. Doorways break Emotional Auras as they don't count for the same room, but one big room could have decor all around and benefit the Sim. Item descriptions will say something like, "Focusing Decor: 8". The total of the auras in the room and within range determines the moodlet you'll get for that Emotion. Just having 1 item in the room with an Aura enabled will give you a +1 Moodlet. Add more items, and you may reach +2 or +3. It's not yet known the exact numbers needed for +2 or 3, but we know that items with bigger scores contribute more to the effect, and that two fours are not as powerful as one eight in increasing them. There is no +4.

Items that grant Emotional Auras are earned through every Career and there is a collectible item for every positive emotion to be found in the game. I'll list those under the various emotions' sections for how to get that emotion. Players who use The Sims 3 Rewards System (who owned Sims 3 and Expansions) are eligible to get free reward lamps until December 31, 2015. Click here to claim them.

Moodlets that Trigger Emotions

Below you will additionally see the Ideal Moods for every Career and Skill in the game. This means that when the Sim is in that Mood, they'll either gain more Performance (while at Work) or gain skill experience faster/complete higher quality works when using a Skill. Click to learn How Emotions Affect Skills.

Tea Brewers can be used to get many Emotions
Teas help inspire Emotions in Sims. Here's a Tip:
Drink part of it, then finish when you need the Moodlet

Tea Brewer
The Tea Brewer can create most Positive Emotions. Every time I mention tea here, you use the Tea Brewer to get it. It takes an hour to make tea, so you can do other things like view 'Confident' art or any other Emotion while the Sim has Tea. Here's a tip. You can drink most of the tea, then put it down and finish it once you're ready so the moodlet lasts longer!

Books are found on the Computer under Order. Go to the right tab (Emotions). Purchased books will go straight to the Sim's inventory. You can then read the book and reread it to get a Moodlet. There is one for each positive emotion except Confident. Confident books can be made by writers while in that Emotion and Sims who read the motivational Book will become Confident..

Woodcutting Auras
Use Woodcutting while Emotional and make items that create Emotional Auras - Flirty, Angry, Sad, and Playful.

Lumps of Clay
Lumps of Clay, found under Children's Toys, can be molded into a variety of shapes. Each shape offers a different Emotional Aura, which, although weak, is another means of helping your Sims to get these Auras. The following Auras are noted in the game's mechanics files. Thanks to Darkwalker for finding these, and do note adults can play with them, too!

  • Playful:
    Ripped (no idea what this is supposed to be)
  • Energized:
    Stalks (I believe this is the ball of clay with three sticks across, saw a photo but never had a sim create it)
  • Focused:
    Grid (no idea what it looks like)
    Geometric (I guess this is the star-like shape, it does give a focused aura)
  • Inspired:
  • Decorated Bonuses
    Eiffel Tower

Even More Info
I'm listing the things Sims can do every day to get these Emotions. To learn more, visit justproud2b's compilation of Moodlets that influence emotion, contributed by our awesome community.

Moodlet Duration
Nearly all the Moodlets listed here last 4 hours, so it's hard to have the Ideal Mood through an entire work shift. I miss the 8 hour buffs of the Sims 3, but it does help Sims seem more realistic in the ups and downs of their moods.

Positive Emotions

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A Very Happy Sim
Very Happy can be easily turned into any Career/Skill-boosting Emotion

Fine is a neutral state, and the Emotion your Sim will feel when no Moodlets are present

Happy and Very Happy - See Full Happiness Guide

Most of the Moodlets in The Sims 4 produce Happiness, which can lead your Sim to get Very Happy if they reach +8. Remember that +8 will get you to any 'Very' Emotion, and all of these stack with the Emotion you'll want. Sims who have the Cheerful Trait will get a Happiness boost at times. Happy boosts Charisma Skill Gains. Here is how you can get your Sim Very Happy. Once Very Happy, you can be Very Focused, Energized, etc. very easily just by getting one Moodlet of that type of Emotion:

  • Decorations in the room +1-3 based on the total score
  • Having a good meal - +1-3
  • Having high Needs - +1/2
  • Listening to Music from a Radio (click the Radio then do other things) - +1
  • Healthy Green Tea - +2
  • Fresh Maker Handiness Upgrade on Fridge, Bidet on Toilet, Auto Soap Dispenser on Sink - all +1 when used

Beautifully Decorated Moodlets
A guide to the
+Happy Decorated Moodlets in The Sims 4. Includes the break points where you get to +2 happy and the wonderful +3 Beautifully Decorated moodlet.

Confident - See Full Confident Guide

Confident is useful for the Charisma Skill in that it raises effective level of interactions, Secret Agents (early levels and Diamond Agent Branch), Interstellar Smugglers (Astronaut) and Criminal Bosses. Very Confident is one of the harder Moods to get, as you would need Mixology or to be almost Very Happy. It's easier if your Sim is Self Assured, as they'll get a random moodlet at times. Here are the common Moodlets you can use to get Very Confident:

  • Brush Teeth (Sink) +1
  • Psych Self Up (Mirror)+1
  • Earl Grey Tea +2
  • Mixology Drink "Sea of Fire" ($80) +1, and "Hot and Smoky" ($125) +2
  • Confident Auras from the Showtime/World Adventures Reward Lamps, Confident Paintings made by Painters. Also, Dead Aliens found from the Rocket Science Skill's Space Adventures

Energized - See Full Energized Guide

Energized is helpful to the early levels of the Criminal Career, Astronauts (Space Ranger branch), and the Fitness Skill. Very Energized is another tricky one, as there are fewer options that are commonly found in-game. Sims that have the Active Trait get Energized at times:

  • Take a Brisk Shower +1
  • Run Oolong Tea +2
  • Get Energized and select "Make Special Recipe" on fridge. Eat High Energy Protein Plate +1
  • Fitness Level 3, Research Fitness Tips on Computer
  • Fitness Level 5, "Protein Shake" meal +2
  • Energized Auras come from Comedian (Entertainer Career) Rewards, as well.
  • Citrine and Sapphire, as well as other Crystals give an Aura

Flirty - See Full Flirty Guide

Flirty helps with Romantic Interactions, primarily. Getting in this mood will open up more Social Interactions for your Sim as you progress with the romantic interactions. Sims who are Romantic will get Flirty Moodlets at times. Here are the means of getting Very Flirty:

  • Freshen Up (Mirror) +1
  • Make Heart Cookies while Flirty +1
  • Research Pickup Lines (Computer Web.. Research) +1
  • Romantic Interactions used on your Sim (varies)
  • Drink Steamy Ginseng Tea +2
  • Cupid's Juice while Flirty (Level 1 Mixology so very accessible) +1
  • Try Out Outfits (Dresser/Wardrobe) +1
  • Flirty Statues made while Flirty and Woodworking, as well as Flirty Paintings

Focused - See Full Focused Guide

Focused is an Emotion useful in a number of things, namely Handiness, Fishing, Logic, Gardening, Programming, early levels of Astronaut, the Tech Guru Career (both Branches), Criminal Career (Oracle Branch), and Secret Agents (Villain Branch). Sims with the Genius Trait get a Focused Moodlet at random. It is fairly easy to get Very Focused while at home because of the easy Aura options, but harder on the go:

  • Browse Simipedia (Computer) +1
  • Play Chess, also Ponder Moves on Chess Table +1
  • Use the Observatory +1
  • Study Fossils (Logic) +1
  • Research Gardening on Computer after Gardening Level 3 +2
  • Pitch Black Tea +2
  • Mathematical Diagram, made while Focused on the Easel gives an Aura (up to +3 with many Diagrams)
  • Tech Guru Career Rewards give an Aura
  • Elements give an Aura

Inspired - See Full Inspired Guide
Inspiration is helpful to Painting, Musical Instruments, Cooking, Writing, and related Careers - Chef, Painter, and Writer - both branches of each Career, along with the Entertainer's early levels and Musician Branch. Sims who are Creative tend to get Inspired at times. Thankfully, it's fairly easy to get Very Inspired at home for making great Paintings, Meals, and Writing Books.

  • Take Thoughtful Showers +1
  • Admire Art (Paintings) +1
  • Browse Art on Computer (Web) +1
  • Critically Assess Art (Painting Level 4) +1
  • Research Art References on Computer (Painting Level 2) +1
  • Drink "Prose and Pop" ($80, Mixology Level 5) - very potent, +2 Inspired, +2 Happy
  • Ambitions and Supernatural Sims 3 Reward Lamps give an Aura
  • Painter Career Rewards, Chef Career Rewards give an Aura
  • Postcards from Pen Pals give an Aura

Playful - See Full Playful Guide

Playful is helpful to Entertainer (Comedians), Mischief, and Sims in associated Careers. It's very easy for Sims who are Childish to get Very Playful (by playing with Toys), as well as Goofballs (random Moodlets for Playful). This is one of few positive Emotions that have more than just two stages - you can go beyond Very Playful all the way to Hysterics. Sims that go into hysterics can die from laughter when they hear a joke, so do Calm Self Down by using the Mirror if necessary.

  • Take Bubble Bath +1
  • Watch Comedy Channel on TV +1
  • Eat Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes (cooked while Playful) +1
  • Make Silly Faces in Mirror while Playful +1
  • Pets and Island Paradise Reward Lamps give an Aura
  • Playful Paintings give an Aura
  • Playful Statues made while Woodworking give an Aura
  • MySims Trophies, found in Time Capsules, give an Aura

Negative Emotions and How to Ease Them

Emotional Deaths
Keep in mind not all these are bad, but primarily Angry - it can lead to good Mischievous interactions and the Criminal Boss needs to make Enemies to advance. However, that's about the only positive. Many of these can go beyond the first level and result in a Sim's Death should they push the limits. If your Emotions go too extreme, take measures to reduce it or else have that Sim die. See our Guide to death, where I'll go further and try to find the various stages of each of these Emotions and the level you need to reach to risk your Sim's life.

Angry can come up when Sims who hate Children are around them, or else being in an argument with another Sim. Seeing your significant other flirting with another Sim can also cause this. In order to soothe it, you can use Calming Chamomile Tea, work out your frustration with a Punching Bag, or take a Cold Shower. Angry can be given to Sims via an Aura with the Painting Skill (use Easel while Angry). Anger is an Emotion that can cause death if left unchecked, so keep your cool.

Not many things trigger Sims to be bored, but it's easy to overcome simply by putting your Sim in another Mood. Work can cause random Moodlets that cause this, as can reading Skill Books below your Sim's level. Repeating the same interactions in conversation over and over will also cause Sims to be Bored.

Rocket Ship crashes were my first experience with the Dazed Emotion. Evidently, you also get this when losing a fight or having a Voodoo Doll used on your Sim. Comedians can make others Dazed with a Weaponized Joke. If your Sim is shocked while repairing something and becomes dazed, do not repair another electronic or else risk Death!

My Sims have been Embarrassed by peeing themselves and failing the entry questions to Sylvan Glade/Forgotten Grotto, but the community reports it can happen from a lot more: talking about Woohoo as a Teen, playing Instruments at low level, and having Romantic Interactions rejected are all among the reported causes of Embarrassment. Too many of these stacked on a Sim at once can cause Death. The simplest way to resolve this is to click a Bed and Hide from the World.

Sims who have a low Social need may find themselves Sad. If Sims get too sad, it won't lead to death as previously thought. Thankfully, there's the Sad Hotline to help prevent that (Sims, like people can find someone to talk to when severely depressed). Sims who are grieving the loss of a loved one or close friend will have the hardest sadness hits possible, and may need to talk to someone to help alleviate their grief. Sadness is not all bad, as you are able to make Sad Paintings and Sad Books that can be Bestsellers - however, just don't let it go too far.

Tension comes commonly from a low Fun Need. Simply doing anything Fun will reduce the Tension and help them get into a good mood. You can also get tense from Working Hard (selecting that Work Tone while on the Job) and having a Fire. If you want to address the Tension Moodlets directly, you use a Mirror to Calm Down or take a Bath.

Uncomfortable comes from several low needs, namely Hunger, Bladder, Energy, and Hygiene. Additionally, Sims may feel this way if there are dirty surfaces or trash around the room they're in. Picking up any of those Needs can resolve this, as can cleaning up a dirty house. It all depends on the source in this case.

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Sims 5 list- Add on, bring back, and take away. Please tell me if you can add on to this list.
*Based on the sims 4 and 3*
Add on: Take away: Bring back:
Moodlets ill and dizzy nothing, it's perfect:-) Cars
more than 8 people in household
More than 7 levels in house
I think sims should be able to die from being dazed.
They would stumble and keep falling. If they do not get to a bed quick enough,(ill say, about 2 and a half hours after becoming Disoriented) they would clumsily knock things over. 1 more hour later, they would try to fight someone, lose, see stars everywhere, then fall to the ground and die. An evil sim could hit the Disoriented sim once and then they will also die from that.
That does sound interesting, but I think that it could make evil sims pretty op. I agree with everything else tho.
I'm having trouble with my sim's emotions. For some reason the uncomfortable moodlet that shows up after your sim gets bitten by a vampire won't go away. My sim transformed into a vampire but the moodlet hasn't gone away. So now my sims is constantly extremely uncomfortable. What should I do?
You could try resetting your sim or try the cheat that removes all the buffs.
Guide to Cheats Remember to enable testingcheats on first. I'm wondering if this is a new bug though as I have a sim that has the bitten uncomfortable bug too but it has no timer on it. It occurred when my sim became pregnant, he'd been bitten just before the notification came through so I am waiting to see if it the moodlet will disappear once he has given birth.
Sims.add_buff buff_depressed
sad +4 for 20 days ("discovered" it myself)
I can't find the cheat where all of my sims needs can go up. Where is it?HuhHuh
On the Cheats Page Wink
Markie Dodgesays...
how can I make another sim Confident by having my sim talking to them?
Please and thank you
This requires your sim to have some skills. There is a mischief interaction 'install false confidence'. You can also suggest self esteem exercises from the Spa Day expansion pack. If your sim is a vampire and they have the Influence Emotions perk unlocked (Grand master Vampire) that would also work. Getting another sim confident is difficult without these kinds of add-ons
More ideas on the Confident emotions guide
I have the new update with the plant sims and I can't find a confindent bean yet! I don't know what to do! Scared
Eventually a confident plant sim will appear but if all else fails hop into build mode and use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and search for confident in the search bar and the magic bean will be highlighted.
Some non-cheat ideas: there is a mischief interaction 'install false confidence'. You can also suggest self esteem exercises from the Spa Day expansion pack. If your sim is a vampire and they have the Influence Emotions perk unlocked (Grand master Vampire) that would also work
Thank you so much I'll try that outGrin
Basil Fusays...
Try getting the plant sim into an enclosed room with a mounted fish, as it is a confident decor. Remember to enable the emotional aura. Keep talking to the plant sim in the room until his emotion changes. You may have to remove decor from the room that cause interfering emotions. I made the room almost bare, and I used the cheapest chairs and table.
Sarah Schneesays...
If you have a sim with high gardening level, use rare seed packs. In 10 of them, I got all 6 seeds and some other rare seeds.
I was searching 2 hours for a section i visited long ago explaining what showers you could take so that a sims mood could increase. Now i can't seem to find it and i'm getting frustrated. Sad I also ant to thank Carl for making this site. I knew nothing about sims 4 or what key on the keyboard do what. And now i have an understanding.
sorry for all the typos it is i want to thank Carl.
When you click on a shower you will see the options: steamy shower=flirty, Inspiring shower=inspired, brisk shower=energized.
If your sim is flirty or angry they can take a cold shower which makes the flirty or angry moodlet count down quickly for the duration of the cold shower.
Death by sadness:
Cries then like the elder death lies down and cries, bangs floor with fist then dies.
I had my sim listen to New Age music for some time and now she has a focused moodlet!
Lucifer Amadeussays...
I noticed that different objects have different emotional aura stats. Some uses the word decor, some uses ambiance. Crafted paintings and prints have ambiance but reward objects have decor. Do you think they work differently?
Carl has a video guide to Beautifully Decorated Moodlets which explains how the auras and resulting moodlets for sims work. It is basically all about how strong the moodlet is that causes changes for sims depending on what tasks they are doing. The wording in the moodlet descriptions (decor v's ambiance) doesn't impact this mechanic which is of course only an area of effect moodlet. For a lasting moodlet (or one that sticks with the sim when they travel) you need to use a different method like the ones under the different emotion headings in this guide.
How do you remove cheats after the get famous patch. I have no mods and I’m a fellow ps4 player.
I'm sorry I'm a PC only player but our forum has a great section just for console players so head over there and if you can't find the answer just leave a comment Forum Console Board
Help meesays...
I need a guide on pet emotions Smile
There's nothing substantial to them. Feed the pet, socialize, keep them happy. The end. There really is nothing else to know.

thank you


I experienced dazed recently with my child, Abbey who got into my first fight Ive seen with this girl called Jaclyn as I lost abbey become dazed, which actually looks pretty cool with her face on the bottom left

Eleanor Keisays...


Can you tell me what is that bubble above the sims head? I don't have it my original game and don't know how to activate it.image


These are Whims. Complete whims for Satisfaction Points so you can buy Rewards. They are turned off by default so go to Game Options>Game Play and check 'Show Whims' to enable them.

Lola Spareysays...

thx so much. It really helped.


This guide should be updated with the new emotions like "Scared".


Very Informative Sir :) Thank you <3

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