The Sims 4 Expansion Packs

List of Features for DLC: Expansion, Game & Stuff Packs

The Sims 4 Expansion Packs in EA Origin

The Sims 4 offers a solid base game with plenty to do, but we all know the best gameplay is ahead when the number of Expansion and other DLC increase the amount of features, and seeing those come together to give us all more to do in the game. Currently, The Sims 4 is on track to compete with The Sims 3's Expansions and Stuff Packs in price and value. We have two categories of addons for TS4 that add actual gameplay: full-blown Expansions and smaller, cheaper Game Packs.

Expansion Packs, Game Packs and Stuff Packs List

The following packs are listed in chronological order. You can see we've received content every couple months since The Sims 4's release date in 2014.

DLC NameType of AddonRelease Date
Outdoor RetreatGame PackJan 13, 2015
Get to WorkExpansionMar 31, 2015
Luxury PartyStuff PackMay 19, 2015
Perfect PatioStuff PackJun 16, 2015
Spa DayGame PackJul 6, 2015
Cool KitchenStuff PackAug 11, 2015
SpookyStuff PackSep 29, 2015
Get TogetherExpansionDec 8, 2015
Movie HangoutStuff PackJan 12, 2016
Romantic GardenStuff PackFeb 9, 2016
Dine OutGame PackJun 7, 2016
Kids RoomStuff PackJun 28, 2016
Backyard StuffStuff PackJul 19, 2016
City LivingExpansionNov 1, 2016
Vintage GlamourStuff PackDec 6, 2016
VampiresGame PackJan 24, 2017
Bowling NightStuff PackMar 29, 2017
ParenthoodGame PackMay 30, 2017
Fitness StuffStuff PackJun 20, 2017
Toddler StuffStuff PackAug 24, 2017
Cats and DogsExpansionNov 10, 2017
Jungle AdventureGame PackFeb 27, 2018
Laundry DayStuff PackJan 16, 2018
My first PetStuff PackMar 13, 2018
SeasonsExpansionJun 22, 2018
Get FamousExpansionNov 16, 2018
StrangervilleGame PackFeb 26, 2019
Island LivingExpansion PackJun 21, 2019
Moschino StuffStuff PackAug 13, 2019
Realm of MagicGame PackSep 10, 2019
Discover UniversityExpansionNov 15, 2019
Tiny Living StuffStuff PackJan 21, 2020
Eco LifestyleExpansion PackJun 5, 2020
Nifty KnittingStuff PackJul 28, 2020
A Star Wars PackGame PackSeptember 8, 2020
Snowy EscapeExpansion PackNov 13, 2020
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    How to Install The Sims 4 Expansion Packs
    How to Install Expansions and Game Packs: Click the 'i' for more information to see the addons you've purchased. You can install them individually from there.

    Installing DLC
    EA Origin can sometimes be unintuitive. It's a good platform for downloading games, but the method for installing new GP/EP offerings is a little too... minimal, compared to the past. Each Sims 3 Expansion is listed individually, but Sims 4 DLC is listed under 'more info' (the i you see when clicking The Sims 4). Installing them is easy once you know how to access the list. You'll note that your time played is likely only counting time from when you launched the game from Origin. There's no way I've played only 18 hours.

    The Sims 4 Expansion Packs

    Expansion Packs for The Sims 4 typically provide a large amount of new gameplay content, revolving around a central theme. Expansion Packs primarily provide new game systems to add on to our existing selections. For example, Sims 4 Get to Work lets us control Sims at work, while the Sims 3 Pets gives the ability to have Cats, Dogs, and Horses. Many players expect this to eventually occur with The Sims 4 - but it's not guaranteed. Same with Weather, ala Sims 2 or 3 Seasons. In general, new types of buy mode objects, Skills and Careers are to be expected. Many will give us new Traits and Aspirations, as well as clothing and hair styles to help us customize our Sims. New neighborhoods give us new places for our Sims to reside and explore. Not all Expansions are created equal and what excites one player may be lackluster to another. Even day one, many players feel they get a lot of bang for their buck from an Expansion purchase, but many would prefer to buy the Expansion Pack when it is on sale.

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    The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack Click for Guide
    Release Date: Mar 31, 2015
    Major Gameplay Features:

    • Retail - Operate your own business. You can hire and promote, or even fire employees, accumulate points to buy retail perks, and sell just about anything in the game for a profit - even food!
    • Magnolia Promenade - The new area, which features four lots. It's perfect for setting up a retail store, and you can purchase/operate those that are already placed.
    • Active Careers - Explore three active career tracks, which allow you to follow your Sim at work. There, you'll complete objectives to raise your work performance and get promoted. Each Career features new objects for the home, so you can make areas fit your Sim's personality.
      • Detective - Solve crimes. You'll take on cases, and narrow down your suspect. Once you're ready to interrogate them, you can get them to cough up a confession. It's a fun Career with a lot of unique interactions.
      • Doctor - Diagnose, treat, and perform surgeries on patients after analyzing their symptoms to determine the illness. The Hospital is also where Sims can optionally go to have babies.
      • Scientist - Work in a lab, using the invention constructor to create new gadgetry. You'll have access to features that impact gameplay the most, allowing you to make loads of Simoleons easily. Plus, you can clone and transform many objects, along with Sims!
      • Two New Skills: Baking and Photography compliment the pack. You can sell baked goods along with other foods.
      • Aliens - The new life form introduced with the EP are Aliens. Sims can be abducted and males might have an Alien child. If you're friends with one, you can ask them to move in. You may just enjoy their powers of transmutation for collectibles, and their ability to read minds.
      • Sixam - the Alien homeworld of Sixam is beautiful, if a bit creepy. Collect Geodes, and some new miscellaneous collectibles (metals, crystals, plants, and an element) as well.

      The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: December 8, 2015
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Clubs - Sims from child and up can form clubs and decide the activities those clubs will focus on, who can be involved by setting requirements ("No girls allowed!"), and even the clothing that will be worn. This will allow for hobby clubs for adults and kid clubs. What retail and active careers are to Get to Work, clubs are to Get Together. This is a major feature and sounds amazing!
      • Dance 'Clubs' - Obviously, Sims will get to visit clubs based on the screenshots already released. So both types of clubs you might imagine are in this pack.
      • DJ Skill - What would a dance club be without a DJ? Your Sim can level this skill and pump up the crowd.
      • Dance Skill - Dancing is now a skill, and Sims will get better at it naturally.
      • A New Town - Windenburg is a new town for Sims to live in, and will naturally feature the new types of hangouts included in the Expansion.
      • And more... - More is yet to be known, and there are many little details not appropriate for this list. Visit our thread on the Forum to learn more about Get Together and its features, as our members share information that they have gathered from official sources around the web.

      The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: November 1, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New City: San Myshuno - A new city setting, with several districts, tall buildings, and great scenery.
      • Apartments - You can't buy a home here, but you can rent an apartment. Apartments start low-priced, but huge luxurious penthouses are available to the wealthy.
      • Lot Traits - Lots now have traits, which can boost skill gains, and produce supernatural effects in the apartment. You can customize these traits to suit your needs. This feature was included in the base game via a patch preceding the Expansion's release.
      • Festivals - Festivals take place every Sim week, on various days and in various districts in the City. Compete in some festivals, learn new recipes by tasting dishes, and meet new Sims. If a Festival is in the same neighborhood, there is no loading screen.
      • Three New Careers - Sims can be Politicians, Critics, or earn money from Social Networking. These Careers have a work from home ability, which gives you a couple of tasks to complete while you work on their moderately difficult promotion requirements.
      • Singing Skill - The new singing skill works much like the guitar/piano skills. You can serenade Sims, license songs to make money, and watch your Sim progress from awful head-splitting noise to spot-on pitch and great tunes. The Expansion allows Sims to sing at least a dozen songs. Some of which are very catchy.

      The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: November 10, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Play with Cats and Dogs! - These two main types of pets are very fleshed out in the expansion. Create-a-Pet is part of the CAS system and will let you select from many types of breeds, or or make a mixed breed.
      • Pet Traits - Customize your furry companions with traits just as you would Sims, making them hyper, independent, or smart. Dozens of traits are available for each type of animal.
      • Veterinarian Career - Run your own veterinary practice, by hiring employees, leveling up your vet skill, and trying to cure sick puppies and kittens.
      • Train Animals - the new animal training skill will let you teach your pets tricks and to be more household friendly, such as going outside instead of on the floor. As you level up, you learn to teach new tricks.
      • New Aspirations and Traits - Make your Sim a cat or dog lover, or pursue the friend of the animals aspiration.

      The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: June 22, 2018
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
      • Weather - Rain, thunderstorms and snow accumulates on the ground.
      • Holidays - Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's are all present in the game trailer.
      • Flower Arranging Skill - Make money selling flowers, or open a florist shop via Get to Work Retail.
      • Seasonal Activities - Outdoor things like snowball fights, ice skating, jumping in leaves, and water balloon fights are all present.
      • Gardening Career - A new Gardening career is present in the EP
      • Beekeeping - Making money with honey!
      • Weather Machine - Sims can control the weather if they buy (or invent?) a Weather Machine.

      The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack
      Release Date: Nov 16, 2018
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Celebrity Fame System - Make your Sims famous with the all-new fame system, which allows fame to develop from activities related to careers and skills.
      • Acting Career and Skill - Take charge in a new acting career and skill, allowing you to control your Sims while on the set.
      • Money Vaults - And many other ways to play with money. Stockpile your cash and woohoo in it, or flaunt your wealth in public
      • Del Sol Valley - A new town with nearly a dozen lots, not quite as big as we wanted but it is a new location based on Hollywood.

      The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack
      Release Date: Jun 21, 2019
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New Location - The island of Sulani is yours to explore. You can also live and work there, with some new career opportunities.
      • Beach Life - Beach-going activities are aplenty, with sand castles, seashell collecting, sun tanning and sunburns.
      • Ocean Life - Watch sea turtle babies hatch, feed a dolphin, visit the lively reef and snorkel was that a Mermaid?
      • A Living Ecosystem - The beaches will be in much better shape if they're kept tidy. Butterflies and other life will be present when Sims have not been littering all over the beach like some kind of jerks. Please don't litter.
      • Mermaids - A fully-fleshed out Occult, the new Mermaid has powers and two forms - one for land and one for sea that are both customizable in CAS.
      • New Careers - Fishing gets pushed toward a valid-career choice direction. You can be a dive instructor or partake in the new Conservationist Career that rewards you for keeping the beaches clean.

      Discover University
      Release Date: November 15, 2019 (PC/Mac) and December 17, 2019 (Xbox/Playstation 4)
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Two Campuses and Britechester - Two campuses - rival schools - with their own student hangouts in the town of Britechester
      • Earn a Degree - Pursue Scholarships, take out student loans, and attend university to earn a degree. This will grant incrased career performance and higher base pay. Plus, more time off!
      • School Organizations - There are three campus organizations at each school. Join Robotics club, or debate guild, or join a spirit club to root for your school's fictitious sports team.
      • Robotics and Research and Debate Skills - Two new skills are available in this pack. The first teaches your Sim to make Robots, including the one listed below. The second teaches them to learn really, really well. They can use the debate side of this to learn to convince others to do things for them.
      • The Return of Servo - the classic Robot is back, this time upgradeable in various stages. Do not get them wet!

      Eco Lifestyle
      Release Date: June 5, 2020 (Pc/Mac/Xbox One/Playstation 4)
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Evergreen Harbor - A new world with 3 neighborhoods to live in. This world has a unique mechanic that displays trash based on whether it's modern or not.
      • A Changing Environment - Industrial objects cause the neighborhood to be more polluted, while those Green energy and build mode objects contribute to a smaller Eco Footprint
      • New Skills - Fabricate furniture and craft candles with the new Fabrication Skill, or create fizzy juices at the new brewing station with Juice Fizzing (this is a minor skill with only 5 levels).
      • Green Energy - Take advantage of recent changes to The Sims 4's Bills System to let your Sims live while Off the Grid, or put down a generator and burn regular fossil fuels to pollute. You can collect water, too.

      Snowy Escape
      Release Date: Nov 13, 2020
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Mt. Komorebi - A Japan-inspired world with 3 neighborhoods and over a dozen lots. Mt. Komorebi is the star of this pack.
      • Winter Sports - Ski, Snowboard, and Rock Climbing skills are all new in this pack.
      • Summit the Mountain - You can not only hike, but also use Rock Climbing to form a mountain expedition to attempt to summit Mt. Komorebi
      • Festivals - Each of the three neighborhoods in Mt. Komorebi has its own unique festival.

      The Sims 4 Game Packs

      Game Packs are a new concept for Sims 4, and to a player who will own nearly everything the Sims Studio releases, GPs should be an exciting concept. Game Packs are smaller, cheaper bundles that again revolve around a central theme. Stuff Packs featured cars, clothing, hair, and miscellaneous household objects but not many new features that expanded upon how you play the game. What is different about Game Packs, is that we expect them to offer real gameplay content, something that was lacking in Sims 3's Stuff Packs, with the hair and clothing being a side attraction. We can already download hair and clothes from custom content creators, but new gameplay features are harder to come by. This may potentially lead to The Sims 4 having the most diverse gameplay options of any title in the franchise, provided Maxis continues down this route and release as many of them as they did in the past.

      The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: Jan 13, 2015
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Vacation in Granite Falls - Granite falls functions as a new travel destination. It's a natural park with three zones and several lots, but contains a lot of big open forest for your Sims to enjoy.
      • Camp - or rent a lodge. It's up to you. Sims can sing campfire songs, do a weenie roast, and all kinds of camp-y activities that would be expected in this game pack.
      • Herbalism - A new Herbalism Skill awaits you, with herbs to collect and make potions with.
      • Collect Insects - Sims venturing in Granite Falls can collect Insects, including the Will-o-the-Wisp and the Dragon Dragonfly.
      • Fish and Enjoy the Outdoors - Several new types of fish are introduced, which is expected given the content of the Game Pack. The waterfalls and areas you can venture to are absolutely gorgeous, with wildlife skittering through the forest and vistas in abundance.
      • Hermit - The big forest of Granite Falls is home to a Hermit, hidden deep in the woods. Exploring this area and finding them in their beautiful area is part of the fun.

      The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: Jul 6, 2015

      • Spas: A new type of venue, which can be placed in any town. This type of lot has yoga instructors that regularly visit. They are available with the pack or from the gallery, so there are many choices.
      • Wellness Skill: The Wellness Skill is for the pursuit of meditation, yoga, and massages. Sims can get better at these things, though at the moment the benefits are unknown.
      • Yoga: Let your Sim learn Yoga through the Wellness skill. Yoga provides exercise (meaning fat reduction and muscle building) while also providing long-lasting moodlets. You can learn yoga from an instructor, or on your own.
      • Massage: Two types of objects are available for Sims to get massages - tables and massage chairs. Both of these have a set of different massages for different moodlets, all are long-lasting and powerful for keeping Sims happy. Sims skilled in Wellness can give massages, a masseuse can be called to come over, and you can of course pay for one at the Spa.
      • Meditation: As your Sim gains skill in wellness, they can become better at meditation, allowing them to instantly teleport anywhere in the neighborhood, freeze needs, and relieve stress.
      • Aquariums: Two aquariums are available with the game pack, both of which can be stocked with fish your Sim has caught!
      • Incense: Sims can burn incense to gain moodlets when nearby.
      • See the Spa Day Guide to see how incense, etc. affect your Sims as well as some of the new objects.

      The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: Jun 7, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Restaurants are the main feature of the pack. Sims are of course able to visit them, but it's more interesting to..
      • Own and Run Restaurants - Build your own restaurant or select one from the gallery, only certain objects are required.
      • Customize Menu - Cooking Skills, both homestyle and gourmet, may play heavily in the Addon. You may go from serving up grilled cheese to baked alaska and lobster thermidor. Maybe you don't need it at all as a restaurant manager, but the chef sure will.
      • Customize Staff Uniforms, Pay, and Help Them Improve in Skills - We are able to fully customize employee uniforms, while also helping them to level up and get better at their jobs.
      • Star Ratings will attract more customers to your restaurant, collect perk points, and allow you to..
      • Buy Restaurant Perks which improve various aspects of your business. This makes Dine Out a well-constructed restaurant management simulator.
      • Fine-dining Themed Objects - The trailer features some objects that are new, and it's obvious we can probably design restaurants from simple diners, to expensive fine-dining establishments. This is an exciting development for people who use the gallery, as I'm sure some amazing themed restaurants will pop up.

      The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack
      Release Date: January 24, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Play as a Vampire - Sims can be turned into vampires and enjoy eternal life. In order to survive, they've got to have plasma (blood) which can be had by feeding on Sims, growing plasma fruit, or simply ordering some Plasma.
      • New World - Forgotten Hollow is a new neighborhood with a long night cycle. The new area looks great and perfectly matches the theme of the pack.
      • New Objects and Organ Skill - There's a new organ skill, because creepy music fits right in with this pack. Naturally there are many Gothic looking items with which to decorate and build.
      • Supernatural Powers - Sims who become vampires have access to special powers. One of which is a darker form that has extra or different vampire abilities.
      • Customize Your Look - Your Sim's regular vampire and dark forms can be customized in Create-a-Sim. To facilitate that, Sims Studio have added dozens of new hair styles, clothes, and even body features (glowing eyes and fangs) that let you customize the vampire's look.

      You can buy the Vampires DLC from Origin when it is released in January 2017.

      The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack
      Release Date: May 30, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Character Values - Toddlers, Children, and Teens all gain and lose experience in 5 categories of values. These values determine the people they grow up to become.
      • New Traits - Based up on very high or very low character values, Sims may get rewarded with a good or bad trait when they age up to adults. These traits directly impact autonomous behavior and how Sims will react to life situations.
      • Parenting Skill - Sims can learn the new Parenting Skill, which teaches them to better interact with children. Directing autonomous kids is a viable gameplay type now, because you can teach the kids to be better Sims. The skill increases your success at doing those things and unlocks new abilities for parents.
      • New Activities - There are tons of new activities available for families to do as a group, and many new socials for kids and adults. There's a lot of little things in this pack, more so than usual, including new decor and clothing.

      The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack
      Release Date: February 27, 2018
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New World - Selvadorada is a large travel destination with a Central-American style culture
      • Explore the Jungle - Brave the dangers and seek adventure, relics, and treasure
      • Archaeology Skill - The new archaeology skill lets Sims appraise relics, designate dig sites and explore ancient ruins
      • New Recipes, Dance Moves and More - Learn the Selvadoradian Culture Skill to learn new dance moves, cooking recipes, and helpful knowledge about the surrounding jungle
      • Build, Buy, and CAS Assets - Dozens of new assets can be found - decorate your home and dress your Sims for adventure!

      The Sims 4 Strangerville Game Pack
      Release Date: February 26, 2019
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New Town and Setting - Clearly based on Stranger Things, the Area 51 conspiracies, etc. Features 11 lots that are all customizable. Learn about the new town in StrangerVille.
      • A new Military Career - This is not a rabbit hole career, but more like gardening and allows you to take some control over the Sim's advancement.
      • A Mystery to Solve - Hunting down clues about what's up with townies is a big part of this pack. It features a storyline of sorts, and will reward you for getting to the bottom of why your pals are mind controlled and there are dozens of CIA/NSA type around this small town. Learn more about the Getting Started in the StrangerVille Mystery (with minimum spoilers).

      The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack
      Release Date: September 10, 2019
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Spellcasters - A new life state which can learn magic. Can be inherited from parents, or learned via a quest.
      • Magic - 24 Spells are available to learn and will be kept in your Sim's spellbook
      • Alchemy - 15 different types of potions can be crafted.
      • Brooms, Wands, and Cauldrons - All functional items. Everything you'd expect for a witch-y wizardy pack.
      • A new Realm - One regular town with 5 lots, one massive magical lot (ie, the Realm of Magic).

      And something about Star Wars.

      The Sims 4 Stuff Pack DLC

      The returning Stuff Packs are also available in Sims 4, and they're priced nicely at $10. They are a much greater value than Stuff Packs in the past, comparing release prices and the amount of items. Each item costs about half as much. Stuff packs are generally light on the gameplay, but feature new objects, hair and clothing styles for Sims. In this incarnation, they also have styled rooms sometimes.

      The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: May 19, 2015

      • Fountain of Mirth - serve foods and drinks through this fountain, which can heavily influence mood when used by a skilled chef or mixologist.
      • Buffet Tables - serve food, while offering a place to set the fountain.
      • New Clothing and Hair - It features primarily female items, but men are not left out. There are about 30 new items here, with which to decorate your Sims.
      • New Objects - a new type of wall light, ottoman, bar, dining chair, and standing light. All are very elegant.
      • 2 Styled Rooms - that incorporate the objects nicely, allowing you to make an indoor or outdoor party area easily.

      The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: Jun 16, 2015

      • Hot Tubs - Relax in, Woohoo in, and upgrade two types of Hot Tub that come in a variety of colors to suit your decorating needs.
      • Patio Stuff - Lots of chairs, tables, sofas, a new bar, and several outfits to enjoy relaxing on the patio.

      The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: August 11, 2015
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New Appliances - New kitchen appliances are available, and a dishwasher was added free from a patch for all players to enjoy.
      • Ice Cream - Use the ice cream maker to create some unique (and unpredictable) desserts for the family. Be careful no one bursts into flames!
      • Stuff - This one is very targeted at the kitchen as you can tell - there are a number of new objects aside from appliances, so you can make the kitchen of your dreams. As far as gameplay, it is a bit sparse but some players want to have it all!

      The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: September 29, 2015
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Costumes - Fairy, Superhero, Pirate and more..
      • Pumpkin Carving - Sims can carve pumpkins, ghosts can wear them on their heads, and some Sims can get mischievous and stomp them.
      • Costume Party & Spooky Decorations - New types of decorations await, in order to prepare the house for Halloween

      The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: January 12, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New Televisions - An outdoor television and large indoor TV are included
      • Movies - Sims can watch movies with family and friends and get a happiness boost from doing so.
      • Popcorn Maker - A movie pack wouldn't be complete without popcorn!
      • Objects and clothing - A scattering of new objects and clothing to decorate your Sims and their homes.

      The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: February 9, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Lost Garden of Healing - a new community lot, where Sims can visit which features many of the new decorative items in Romantic Garden Stuff. It's a great place for a date!
      • Whispering Wishing Well - A well which Sims can wish upon, producing either wonderfully positive, dull, or outrageously negative effects depending upon the well's mood.
      • Baroque Music Channel - A new radio station that will let you play romantic music for dates.
      • New Objects and Clothing - Great new decor to setup a beautiful area for your couples to enjoy, as well as generally pretty items for use around the home.

      The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff Pack Click for Guide
      Release Date: June 28, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • New Collectible - Voidcritter trading cards will be collectible, and kids will get to train them to
      • Do Battle - Battle other kids' voidcritters with the voidcritter battlestation toy.
      • Puppet Shows - Kids unlock new types of puppet shows as they raise their social skill
      • New Objects and Clothing - Of course, it's a stuff pack so there are plenty of new objects and clothing.

      The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Pack
      Release Date: July 19, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Lawn Water Slides - slip and slides allow Sims to perform tricks and have fun in the sun.
      • Outdoor Decor - New types of potted plants and outdoor lighting, patio furniture, wind chimes, and bird feeders
      • Outdoor Clothing - Laid back clothes for Sims chilling in the sun

      Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack
      Release Date: December 6, 2016
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Butler NPC - Hire and manage your own live-in Butler. These NPCs can be assigned a bed to live within your home, cook meals, repair and clean, and help to raise the kids -- or a garden! Check the guide for more information on using this new feature.
      • Art Deco Objects - Fancy art deco paintings, sculptures,
      • Vanity Table - Lets Sims primp before going out on the town or hosting a party

      Bowling Night Stuff Pack
      Release Date: Mar 29, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Bowling lanes! - Different types of bowling lanes
      • Bowling skill - Sims will eventually learn to strike with style.
      • Decor for a Bowling Alley - Make bowling alleys (or download them from others) to give Sims a place to hang out and play

      Fitness Stuff Pack
      Release Date: Jun 20, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Climbing wall - Get better at climbing a rock climbing practice wall (several varieties and difficulties)
      • New fitness apparel - Get Sims in shape with style, new clothes and outfits.
      • Decor for a Gym - Gym-themed items for setting up a fitness center

      Toddler Stuff Pack
      Release Date: Aug 24, 2017
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Toddler Toys - Lots of little toys for toddlers
      • Toddler Clothing - New looks for toddlers
      • Make a Playground - Includes items that will let you make a realistic playground - ball pits, slides, etc.

      Laundry Day Stuff Pack
      Release Date: Jan 16, 2018
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Washers and Dryers - A few varieties for different incomes are available. These add a dose of realism to the game.
      • Laundry builds Up - Gather and load your machines to clean laundry, get a hamper, else the bathroom will get a bit messy!
      • Clean Clothes - Sims are happy with fresh clothes!
      • Player Requested - This was chosen by the Sims community and is one of the highest rated packs in terms of satisfaction.
      See a Video Guide to Laundry Day's Main Features.

      My First Pet Stuff Pack
      Release Date: Mar 13, 2018
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Hamster - A new hamster pet that children will love.
      • New Death - Don't contract a disease from your angry rodent!
      • Items for Cats and Dogs - There was some backlash over this pack as it feels like things that could've been included for Cats and Dogs, such as outfits for pets.

      Moschino Stuff Pack
      Release Date: August 13, 2019 (PC/Mac), September 3, 2019 (Xbox/PS4)
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Clothing - Tons of new fashion for your Sims. You can't afford this shirt!
      • Objects - A new three-photo frame is available in the pack.
      • Fashion Photography Freelancer - A fashion photography freelance career is included in the pack.
      • Collect Magazine Covers - as a fashion freelancer, you'll get magazine covers to hang on your wall when you complete certain jobs.

      Tiny Living Stuff Pack
      Release Date: January 21, 2020 (PC/Mac), February 4, 2020 (Xbox/PS4)
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Tiny Home Lot Type - The new Tiny Home lot Type allows you to build within size constraints and receive bonuses based on the size classification of your lot. See the guide for more details.
      • Murphy Beds - A new way for your Sims to die, crushed by a bed while being yelled at by their God to not be so stupid as to pull down on it with all their body weight. Or, a space saving place to store a bed while having a loveseat during the day. Don't recommend without Handiness.
      • TV/Stereo/Bookshelf Combo - The ultimate combo device that allows you to fit these 3 features into one small area, helping with tiny building.
      • Hygge style items - Warm, comforting Hygge style items to build out your cozy home.

      Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack
      Release Date: July 28, 2020
      Major Gameplay Features:

      • Knitting Skill - A prime feature of this pack is the new knitting skill, a full 10-level skill featuring dozens of craftable objects.
      • Unlock Clothing - As your Sim levels Knitting, you'll unlock new clothing and objects. Sweaters and other knitted clothing are unlocked one by one in CAS as your Sim makes each new color variant.
      • Rocking Chairs - Sims of all ages can enjoy the new rocking chairs, and Elder Sims can use Reminisce.
      • Plant Hangers - Plant Hangers, poofs to sit on, and various toys can be knitted.

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      Comments (97)

      Yes, you should be able to install both Get Together and Get to Work. They should both be available for download once you log into Origin under the My Games tab. Mouse over Sims 4 and click the little [u] i [/u] (More Details). This will show what's available to purchase and/or download.

      All expansion, game and stuff packs are created to be installed together and work together.
      So at the moment, I only have the base game but wanna get some expansion packs. If I could only pick 2, which ones would you guys reccomend?? I'm awful at making decisions lol.
      Depending on what you're wanting, some of the game is on sale via Origin at the moment.

      So if all your wanting is expansions, you can get both Get to Work and Get Together for $20 each. Game Packs are $15 each - and they Outdoor Retreat and Spa Day.

      Honestly can't really tell you which to get, as that's more of a personal preference. It really depends on your gameplay style. Look around the guide at the game descriptions to help you decide. :)
      i can't find the mods on my folder "the sims 4" where can i put the downloaded content if there's no mods's folder??
      The Mods folder is a default folder inside the Sims 4 folder. If you do not have one, you could easily just create one.

      If you find the one you created not working properly. Try doing a factory reset.
      Sims 4 Factory Reset - (What & Howto) To make sure the Sims 4 folder gets created properly with all it's default folders.
      They should bring back University Life and Season expansion to Sims 4 in my opinion. These two are my favorite EP in Sims 3
      And they should make Late Night available for Sims 4 but the Actress Career should be an active career like doctor, detective, and scientist. I would like to see and guide my sims when they do acting on stage
      I wish they mad a pack that let the sims have toddlers because I loved the toddler stage in sims 3
      There isn't anything we can do to add features to the game. If you have any suggestions and/or feedback for the game, please visit the site linked below and post about it there.

      Sims 4 Suggestions/Feedback
      Does the Sims 4 lag when you download a lot of custom content like the sims 3 did? I'm scared to download anything.
      The more content you add to the game, no matter if it's game content or custom content the game will eventually lag. This will happen with any game that has extra content that can be added.

      No need to be scared though. Just keep track of what and how much content you download and install into the game.
      To be honest I haven't noticed any lag at all but my loading screens have increased in time from about 10 seconds to around 40 seconds. I have around 400 CC items and am playing on the largest lot in Windenburg. Your PC specs will be a factor in your loading times as well. Smile
      Some players have reported a delay between directing their sims to do something and the sims actually doing the action. I haven't noticed this at all.
      Hi everyone,

      Ive just been wondering if Sims 4 will have more Packs like was other Sims 3 and 2, like was Winter Pack or Pets Pack I would love have something like this in SIms 4 I think it would be very eneteresting have even Winter Pack.
      At this moment, we don't have any official word on what other content Sims 4 will have. When we get word, we'll share it with the guide and forum.
      What I loved most about Sims 3 was the open world, pets, seasons, university, and the beaches. I really hope they'll do some of those although I don't think they will do an open world just so that it runs smoother and with less issues.
      Tim Honrasays...
      Can you play this packs at the same time? I mean like a menu where we can choose which pack we'll play?
      Yes, all the Sims 4 content can be played with at the same time. As at this time there is no way to choose which content packs get installed and can be played.

      It's a if one gets installed, all of the Sims 4 content that has been purchased gets installed.
      I installed first the Get Together pack, but before that I already have a family in a household, after installing the pack, my saved household can't be loaded anymore. then I installed Get To Work, almost every stuff from the Get Together pack and world, was gone. How can I fix this one? I was a bit disappointed 'cause I thought I'll be able to enjoy the game smoothly. :(
      This definitely shouldn't be happening. I have installed expansion packs and my previous games all work perfectly with the new content. If you have any mods and CC remove them all and then try your game again.
      You could try to repair your game but to be quite honest I am not sure if this is the correct fix.
      I think you need to contact EA Customer Support.
      EA Help
      why does sims 4 not come with lots of objects on the base game like sims 3?
      Question of the century! Wink
      I think EA did this so that people would buy the expansion packs to improve their games i didn't buy the expansion packs but i have them all there are alternatives to getting the expansion packs than just buying them
      I think in sims 4 we need cars, we need to be able to see ourselves drive around in for the upper class people fancy bright red rich people cars or for the lower class people old rust buckets or trailers to live in for big family's they could add in like mini vans and vehicles like that. They should also make little mini games for work that the sims do that we aren't able to see for example if your assistant dishwasher or head dishwasher you have a little mini game where you see how many dishes you can scrub clean in 1 minute or if you are an entertainer you have some choices of phrases to say and if you pick the wrong one you get a rotten tomato thrown at you and if you say the right thing you earn an extra simoleon. For the secret agents there could be a mini game where you have to try and get past lasers without touching them and tripping the alarms I have endless ideas on what EA can do to improve there sims 4 + games. I think that EA should listen to people's ideas and use the really good ones in their sims games. If anyone has any questions about ideas i have please ask and i will tell you because my mind is full of fresh new ideas to improve sims
      Hi Emily, not sure if you know but there is an 'Ideas Thread' on the official The Sims USA Forums You may want to post your ideas there as I know the gurus often read through the various threads on that forum. Smile
      Click! Official Forum
      I really wish Maxis put toddlers in the game, it's really unrealistic skipping straight to a child form.Unsure
      love the sims 4Smile
      I think Sims 4 really needs pets and toddlers!! I think we are all really missing out without these!!!
      Alex Smithsays...
      Recently got city living expansion pack and its awesome. Now all I need is pets!
      I recall being able to purchase expansion and stuff paks via your site, but don't see a link anywhere to do so??
      The answer to that question is here. Sadly.

      When installing multiple expansion packs, which is the last disk/expansion you will be required to use to run the game? Is it the latest, or is there a specific one that dominates?

      Is this the same with the "stuff" packs?
      The base game is the one that will show in your Origin Library so you just click on that to start playing The Sims 4. It doesn't matter the order in which you have downloaded them etc. All the DLC runs through the base game.
      this may seem like a dumb question but... do i have to pay extra for each expansions if i play on pc? so far i've only played on console and there it is that each expansion is its own base game unlike on the pc where an expansion gets added to the base game... thats why im asking this....
      No such thing as a dumb question. Smile Yep all the packs are sold separately for PC and Mac. The prices vary depending on what country you live in but Stuff Packs are the cheapest, next Game Packs and then Expansion Packs being the most expensive. You will be able to see your countries prices by looking on Origin.
      Sam Gibsonsays...
      I'd really like to see Pets again (which we deffo will because they found it in the coding for the game... woop woop)

      I also think generations, seasons, cars and better holidays should be incorporated.
      China's Originsays...
      Thank you so much for the SIMS 4. When you make another extention pack think about this:
      I want the sims 4 to be able to go swimming in the lake or Ocean and use the beach lay out, have parties, or to play ball or sail in a boat.
      How about sims having a sunk in hot tub? You can do so much with that.
      I do love the grill. The steaks look great!
      The SIMS 3 had many Asian things as far as decorations and foods. Please give us more Asian clothes for the men and women. (things) Every time that I try to download them. They never show up.
      Please bring back the fry machine. The Sims in my game were up all night using it. The DJ booth is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I do love the popcorn machine. Please change the ice cream machine to make the ice cream and leave it on the counter instead of you trying to find it in the inventory, (that's dumb). I hope that someone is reading this. Oh yes, and one more thing. Please allow their hair to move in the wind and when they walk and talk when you give us the seasons pack. It would make them look more alive.
      Hello. I read someplace yesterday on this site there is a way to 'clean out a casche' type cheat. is there one for sims 3? on another note, your info posted is extremely helpful.
      Not a cheat but simply deleting the localtumbcache.package file from your TheSims4 folder.
      This just cleans out the cache in The Sims 4 and helps to keep the game glitch free. Not sure about TS3 you can try asking here on the Sims 3 Forum tech help page
      Link to Guide On Clearing the Sims 4 Cache

      I want to know if there will be a bundle release of Kids Room, Backyard and Vintage Glamour Stuff and when it would be released in Australia. Also, will the Vampire pack come as part of a bundle two!!!

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Sims 4 Seasons CheatsThe Sims 4 Seasons expansion now has options! Want to disable weather or make plants in season year-round? You can do so with my new Seasons Tuner Mod

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  • Grow Year Round - Make Plants Always in Season!
  • Healthy Year Round - No more Winter twigs
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Snowy Escape Cheats
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Sentiments in Snowy Escape
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Snowboarding Skill

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I now have a guide page to Tiny Living Stuff where you can learn about Murphy Beds, the new death, as well as the lot bonuses you'll receive if you manage to keep the size of your lot down with this new pack's Tiny Home Lot Type.

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Super Sim Gameplay in The Sims 4

New I now have a guide to Making Super Sims in The Sims 4. Look for a text version within the next 72h. It won't have THAT much more info but it will help out as a checklist.

This was inspired by a series, "Let's Play a Super Sim" in which I start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. Here's a link to each part for people who are interested. You can also see the Let's Play as a Playlist on Youtube.