The Sims 4 Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration

Milestones and The Survivalist Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Completing the Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration
You need to collect 15 insects for the final Milestone, but thankfully each attempt has the potential to net you more than 1 insect.

Overview and Sim Set Up
The Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration is the single new Aspiration that comes with the Outdoor Retreat Gamepack. It's a nice Aspiration with components all over the place - you have fishing, you have leveling up Herbalism, you have to find and meet the Granite Falls Hermit, collect insects, collect plants, etc. So, you really get a full taste of what this new content is all about - enjoying the great outdoors.

I think good traits for this Aspiration are: Genius (to get Focused more frequently which will level Herbalism a bit faster), Geek (to aid your Sim in finding more rare collectibles), and Loves the Outdoors (no explanation necessary hehe). The bonus trait of Collector from the new Nature category Aspiration is also nice given your Sim will be spending a lot of time looking for things.

Milestone I: Greenhorn

  • Harvest 10 Unidentified Plants (50)
  • Catch 5 Fish in Granite Falls (100)


After spending 4-5 days in the campground and then following Carl's excellent Guide on finding the Hermit, it hit me - just find the Hermit immediately upon arriving for your vacation. Everything you need to finish most of this Aspiration is right there at the Hermit's House - you have insects, fishing, cooking facilities, a bed, shower, and of course the Hermit, so she'll be able to fill the social meter. I even opted for my Sim to become romantically involved with her (the Hermit also has a chance to be a male) - hey, it's the Sims - anything goes! Just book a vacation on the phone at the very cheapest neighborhood (the Campground) and then travel to the National Forest (press M) and follow Carl's instructions on finding the Hermit. Stay there for a few days to make good progress on the first three Milestones.

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Milestone II: Forest Scout

  • Achieve Level 4 Herbalism (250)
  • Cook 2 Plates of Beetles over a Campfire (300)
  • Eat 10 Plants (200)

An easy Milestone to complete - you just need to have the necessary ingredients in inventory to level up Herbalism as well as the 10 plants needed to eat. With the beetles component you need to have them in your Sim's inventory. Just light a campfire, and select the Roast option. Eating 10 plants can be done in one shot assuming you have enough in inventory.

Milestone III: Wilderness Explorer

  • Craft 3 Excellent Herbal Remedies (400)
  • Identify All Unidentified Plants (500)
  • Befriend the Hermit of Granite Falls (250)

Try and be in a decent emotional state when working on Herbalism and your chance of making an Excellent Remedy should go up - so, be Focused, Inspired, Happy, etc. Don't make remedies when you're Tense or Sad. Identifying all Unidentified Plants will take some time, but spend a few days with the Hermit and identify all the plants in his/her surrounding area. And speaking of the Hermit, befriending this Sim is not too difficult. Just take it slow and use a lot of Friendly socials. If your Sim has the Loves Outdoor Trait, then you can often use the "Enthuse about the Outdoors" social and get positive results since the Hermit shares that trait as well.

Milestone IV: Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Achieve level 10 Herbalism Skill (750)
  • Sleep for 5 Nights in a Tent (1000)
  • Collect 15 Insects (1000)

Sleeping for 5 nights in a tent is obviously a no brainer, but will take some time. Capping the Herbalism skill is just a question of grinding that out and making sure you have the materials in inventory to do so - it comes down to collecting lots of wild plants and insects every day. I highly recommend you take a look at Carl's Guide on Insects. It gives you tips on not only what parts of Granite Falls to look for each of the types of insects, but also what time of day those inspects spawn.

Survivalist Reward Trait in Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat
Waking up after sleeping in a tent grants a 6 hour +1 to Happy buff for Survivalists.

Survivalist Reward Trait
After you complete the Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration you will be rewarded with the Survivalist Reward Trait. The description is a little cryptic...Survivalists are most comfortable using camping equipment and living off the land. That tells me that the fun meter might actually get a slight boost while sleeping in a tent, etc. So, I did some testing and noticed the Primitive Awakening buff (+1 to Happy for a full 6 hours) when my Sim crawled out of the tent. The 6 hour duration is really nice, but unfortunately that seems to be it. I could not find any other benefit such as a buff from using the campfire aside from getting the standard Cozy one. If you discover other buffs from the Survivalist Reward Trait please let us know.

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Comments (6)

I wish I owned OR, how much does it cost?
I'm pretty sure it costs $20, but you can always check in your game by clicking on the 'DLC' button Smile
This -> "With the beetles component you actually do not have to have them in inventory." is inaccurate. When I click Roast both beetles and fish are greyed out for me until I have the ingredient in my inventory. Sad
Very true! You absolutely need the items in your sims inventory now. I'll let Carl know this needs updating. Thank you for pointing this out! Smile
For the 'sleep 5 nights in a tent', does it have to be in granite falls?
No, I never do this part of the aspiration in Granite Falls, it's much easier to do on your sims home lot imo, but as long as your sim is sleeping until entirely refreshed/energy filled and without being woken by you, any lot will register towards the aspiration requirement. From memory your sim needs to sleep at least 6 hours undisturbed to count.
Erin Siikavaarasays...
What season should you visit. I was there in the fall and the wild plants weren't sprouting. :(
Spring and summer, you'll have to visit in each of those seasons to get all the plants.
Plant List Guide Scroll down the page I've linked you to to find the plant list guide for info on what seasons plants grow in. Some plants do grow in Fall but you'll find them all in summer/spring.
Tabatha Morgansays...
OK I've run into an issue. I went in Spring and all the plants spawned and I was able to pick them but 6 of the 10 were already Identified. I visited the hidden area and when I went back to the camp site all the plants were down to dirt piles. How do I finish identifying if 6 of the 10 were already done when i picked them?
You'll have to cheat through this part of the aspiration. I had this occur too and other than getting your sim to eat them in the hope they will register there is nothing else you can do for this bug.
Guide to Cheats

I noticed another buff with the survivalist trait. When my survivalist cooked with a potato she harvested, she got a moodlet that said something like "eating food you grew or caught yourself is the best!"

Happy +1 6 hours, it's called "Fresh is best!"

Tonia Greenesays...

I need help I have identified all the plants but mine is stuck on 9. I have tried going to granite falls to see if it would reset it, but it did not work. Have any advice?

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