The Sims 4 Chief of Mischief Aspiration

Milestones and The Tormentor Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Finishing the Chief of Mischief Aspiration

The Chief of Mischief Aspiration is one many players might choose to pass up just because they prefer to give their Sims "normal and nice" lives. But, don't take the game too seriously and you'll have some fun with the various socials.

Overview and Set Up
One of the great things about gaming is we get a chance to sample life situations we'd probably never in a million years find ourselves in. The two Sims 4 Deviance Aspirations offer the player exactly that - an opportunity to dabble in darker content - performing Mean and/or Mischievious interactions on other Sims, playing pranks, and ultimately rising through the ranks in the Criminal career if you eventually tackle the Public Enemy Aspiration.

I gave my Sim two obvious traits: Mean and Evil. I also gave him Cheerful because from a pure skilling speed perspective having your Sim Very Happy raises the Mischief skill faster than other likely candidates like Playful or Angry, and Cheerful Sims are typically Happy. Choosing a Deviance Aspiration gives your Sim the Dastardly Bonus Trait which results in a higher success rate with their Mean interactions.

Milestone I - Mostly Harmless

  • Perform 10 Mean or Mischievous Interactions (50)
  • Be Disliked by 2 Sims (75)

You'll likely finish this Milestone by the end of the first day - just target two Sims that randomly walk by your lot and start the Mean and Mischievious onslaught of social interactions. Lol. My Sim had an all out fight by noon. Welcome to the neighborhood! Your targets will try and escape your wrath and break off the conversation by walking away - let 'em know who's boss by grabbing their attention again with more social queues and being forced to listen to your tirades. "And just where the heck do you think you're going? Did I say you could leave?"


Milestone II - Artful Trickster

  • Achieve Level 3 Mischief Skill (300)
  • Use a Computer to Cause Mischief 3 Times (350)

Now it's time to put face to face socializing on hold and head to the library to use the computer (or buy one). Go to the computer's Social tab and then Troll teh Forums. As Carl states in his Mischief Guide the easiest way to level up Mischief is the Troll teh Forum computer queue. Get your Sim in a Very Happy Mood (Confident also produces the same skill gain) - this is easily obtained via Decorations in the room, having a good meal, having high needs, listening to music, and having healthy green tea. The key is to get +8 to the mood. Once you're at +8 and are Very Happy, the Mischief skill will increase at a good clip. It's really the only Mischief booster that provides a steady stream of xp as opposed to constantly needing to queue up socials with other Sims. Personally, I found the socializing with Mischievious interactions to raise Mischief quite fast and a little more enjoyable.

Milestone III - Professional Prankster

  • Pull 10 Pranks (550)
  • Achieve Level 6 Mischief Skill (600)

Remember on the Simpsons when Bart would prank call Moe's Tavern? Bart: "Yeah, is Jacques there? Last name Strap." Moe: "Hey, everyone...I am looking for a Jacques Strap." Yep, your Mischievious Sim can now use their phone to make Prank Calls. If successful, you'll get a nice buff and will be able to immediately call again - I am thinking your Sim's emotional state may influence the success rate, so try and be in a Very Happy or Very Playful mood. If your prank bombs, then your sacked with a 4 hour negative moodlet and will not be able to call until the buff disappears. If that happens and you want to avoid just twiddling your thumbs, then opt for simple Mischievious socials - they count as pranks too.

Milestone IV - Chief of Mischief

  • Clog Drains at 3 Different Homes (750)
  • Perform Voodoo 5 Times (750)
  • Achieve Level 10 Mischief Skill (1000)

The Clog Drains and Perform Voodoo components of the final Milestone are simple enough. One thing to note though is you do NOT actually have to clog drains in "homes" i.e. - residential lots. I was curious if simply clogging the drain at the Library would count and it does, so I proceeded to clog a sink at the gym and then at the Bar - just cause that's how I roll and it was a boring Tuesday for my mischievious Sim.

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If you had a Mischievious Sim clogging all the drains in town you could level up Handiness quickly by repairing everything.
The Perform Voodoo component is pretty entertaining as you can imagine. Note: you need to buy a doll from a computer you own to use the Order option. If you hop on the library computer the Order tab is not available.

Capping the Mischief skill will take the brunt of your time. If you elect to jump in the Criminal Career to get a head start on Public Enemy, then the only downside to that is time on the job = time away from skilling. But, personally I think it's worth it to go the career route. #1 - Hitting level 8 for Public Enemy will take some time, so why not get started early? #2 - the only real way to make money via the Mischief skill is Send Spam Money Request (Computer > Social), but this does not unlock until skill level 8, so as soon as you accumulate enough Satisfaction to purchase the Connections reward you might as well jump into the Criminal career to start making some money. The only other reward I purchased was Entrepreneurial to raise his performance bar a little faster while at work.

Who would have thought that releasing a Noxious Cloud could be so rewarding?

It's the bottom of the 9th. Dr. Evil walks up to the mound looking very intent. Here's the windup...
Oh! A perfect pitch! He really nailed that one...
I don't believe it! I do NOT believe it. Evil's Noxious Cloud has won the ball game!

The Tormentor Reward Trait
When your Mischievious Sim finally completes the Chief of Mischief Aspiration they will be awarded the Tormentor reward trait. You'll have a greater variety of options available for pranks instead of just calling someone on the phone or the various standard Mischief socials. Your Sim will be able to click on quite a host of objects to sabotage them. This provides some entertainment at first, but I would think for most players it would get a bit boring after awhile.

My Sim Sabotaged his own stereo just to see what the whole appeal is - and honestly there isn't much. He took out what looks like an Ipad, turns a few knobs and then the stereo broke moments later. But, just like the clogging drains thing - the upside is this could be a nice combo if you are trying to level a handy Sim.

So, what to do next with your Chief of Mischief? Well, I have hinted several times that Chief of Mischief is a nice setup to Public Enemy. It's kind of like how Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron are nice pairings. So, let's turn it up a notch in the deviance department and take a look at Public Enemy.

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