The Sims 4 Friend of the World Aspiration

Milestones and The Beloved Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

High level Charisma Sims can ask for loans. "Liberty, thanks for being my 20th friend and helping complete my Aspiration. Can I borrow $500?"

Overview and Set Up
Friends, friends, and more friends - that's what this Aspiration is all about. No career requirements are part of this Aspiration, so it's quite possible to knock this out within one week - it's just a question of capping Charisma and getting 20 friends. The perfect traits for a Sim pursuing Friend of the World are: Good, Cheerful, and Outgoing. A Cheerful Sim will be Happy quite often and Happy Sims have an easier go at making friendships, plus it boosts the skill gain rate of Charisma. That's important because the higher level of Charisma you have the more successful your socials are.

Stage I - New in Town

  • Introduce Self to 10 Sims (75 Satisfaction)
  • Have 3 Friends (75 Satisfaction)

I immediately shipped my Sim off to the park in Oasis Springs to build his 3 friendships needed for Stage 1. He accomplished that by the end of the day, then cooked his dinner and went to bed. The next day he had enough Satisfaction to buy the Observant reward - the only reward that makes a big difference for this Aspiration. If you immediately learn traits of a target Sim, then you'll know which Sims to focus on for friendships after a simple introduction. If your target Sim has common traits, then you can hone in on really effective socials (++ results). Read Carl's excellent Guide on Relationships and making much good info in that piece.

Stage II - Well Liked

  • Achieve Level 4 Charisma Skill (350 Satisfaction)
  • Meet Someone New in 3 Different Locations (300 Satisfaction)

When I completed Stage I had already completed Level 4 of the Charisma Skill, so for Stage II it was just a question of pulling up the map (Press M) and going to 3 different locations to meet new Sims. More friendship requirements are coming up later, so keep your eyes out for Sims you meet with common traits.

Stage III - Super Friend

  • Have 12 Friends (400 Satisfaction)
  • Achieve Level 6 Charisma Skill (500 Satisfaction)

Getting to Level 6 of the Charisma skill is simple enough - make sure to choose Socials that boost Charisma (glasses icon) as opposed to Funny interactions which boost the Comedy skill. So, now it's time to set your sights on building more friendships. With all the introductions my Sim has done over the last day and a half I took a look at his Relationship panel and decided to focus on Sims that were close to being Friends (look for the icon where the smiley faces are slightly overlapping) - it was not going to take much to get them to Friend status. By the end of Tuesday of the first week I had accumulated 10 friends, so just two more to finish Stage III.

Stage IV - Friend of the World

  • Have 20 Friends (1250 Satisfaction)
  • Achieve Level 10 Charisma Skill (750 Satisfaction)
  • Make a BFF (750 Satisfaction)

The final stage of this Aspiration was actually broken from day 1 since it required your Sim to have had 5 B.F.F. The problem is it's not like Sims 3 where you could have multiple Best Friends. In Sims 4 you can only have 1 B.F.F. at a time. So, the workaround solution was you had to lose B.F.F. status with the one Sim in order to make the "Ask to be Best Friends" social available for another Sim. Then, rinse and repeat. Pretty crazy you had to do that, but now it's fixed and the requirement is you just need to have 1 B.F.F.

So, for the final stage it's just a question of getting even more friends (you need 20 total) and capping Charisma. This will be the stage where you spend the most time (probably 3-4 days), but it's very straightforward - you're killing two birds with one stone and building Charisma as you finish up your 20 friends requirement.

The Sims 4 Beloved Reward Trait
With a trustworthy and honest face like Greg Garious *cough cough*, how could anyone's relationship with him ever decay?

The Beloved Reward Trait
The Beloved reward trait you earn after completing the Aspiration is really nice because until you get the reward it's more challenging keeping friendships - you need real face time. Chatting on the phone does nothing for friendship maintenence as opposed to Sims 3 where phone calls gave the relationship bar a little nudge. With the final stage I guarantee you will get frustrated sometimes because 20 friends is a lot to maintain and probably every single day you'll hear the "whoosh" sound of a component on your Aspiration changing and it's going to be losing a friend that was right on the edge. Lol. So, the bottom line is - the Beloved reward will be most welcome for you as your charismatic friendship-making machine will no longer have any relationships decay. Take advantage of this and have your Sim move onto other Aspirations that require friendships - those components will be a cakewalk, and you can just focus on the career or skills, etc.

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Comments (1)

I have a politician with this aspiration right now. They had a best friend long before they reached level 4 (it's their fiance in fact).

It's not giving me credit for having a BFF. When I look under the relations tab, it certainly says we are. In fact, is says we're soul mates. Sad
Yes, sadly this is a bug. All you can do is clear your cache and restart your game and if that doesn't work, cheat to complete that portion of the aspiration.
Guide to Cheats
Clearing Cache How To
Actually, I solved the problem and it was a simple fix. I don't know if it matters much, but I am playing on a consul as well (PS4).

I simply talked to another sim long enough for the "make best friend" option to start appearing with them. I did this, got credit for having the BFF and had no negative effects with the fiance. Then, I went back to the fiance and did it all over again to make things back to normal.
Good to know! Maybe the bug has been fixed!

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