The Sims 4 Computer Whiz Aspiration

Milestones and The Webmaster Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Completing the Computer Whiz Aspiration in The Sims 4
In contrast to Nerd Brain which is a bit disjointed, every aspect of Computer Whiz focuses on one thing - time in front of the computer.

The Sims 4 Super Nerd Aspirations

A walkthrough of the Nerd Brain and Computer Whiz Aspirations in The Sims 4. Includes details on the handy and webmaster reward traits, which allow instant upgrade of objects, turking for money, and a research binge..

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Alternate Guide and Milestones

Overview and Set Up
Instead of starting from scratch with Computer Whiz I decided to continue with my Nerd Brain Sim, Sarah Bellum. She already has the perfect skills that I would have chosen anyway: Genius, Loves Outdoors, and Loner. But, given she is going to go into a career I am getting Sarah a house and will play a more traditional style than I typically do with my Guide Sims. So, maybe something like Ambitious would be better than Loves Outdoors. There is not quite the skilling demand with Computer Whiz as with Nerd Brain - this time the focus is solely on programming. You may also want to level up handiness before you tackle this Aspiration because your success rate at hacking will improve. You'll also get levels in video gaming without even trying. Video gaming skill levels are not a Computer Whiz requirement, but you'll need a few for the career. As always, check out existing Guide articles from Carl. They are a nice reference. The related ones here are the Tech Guru Career Guide as well as the Programming Skill Guide.

Milestone 1 - With the Program

  • Practice Programming for 5 Total Hours (75)
  • Play Video Games for 5 Total Hours (50)

A very simple Milestone that you will undoubtedly finish on Day 1. If you can get your Sim to the Very Focused state, then the 5 hours of Programming will raise their skill level quite a bit and unlock more potential sites to hack. Hacking does not take that long and turns a pretty nice profit. Towards the end of Programming leveling I think Sarah had about 6 places she could hack for around $2000. There is a 24-hour cooldown on each site, so once you jump into the Tech Guru career a nice routine to fall into is hacking all sites on days off.

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Hacking the Lothario Trust Fund in Sims 4
Too funny - immediately after hacking the Lothario Trust Fund (see notification) Don Lothario texts Sarah to congratulate her on landing her new Tech Guru job. And they say bodybuilders are dumb! Bah!

Milestone II - Technically Adept

  • Maintain Focus for 2 Straight Hours of Video Gaming (250)
  • Achieve Level 3 Programming Skill (150)
  • Own $3,000 Worth of Electronics (200)

You very well might leapfrog right over Milestone II as Sarah did. She was Focused for 2 hours while she was video gaming in Milestone I. She hit level 3 programming during Milestone I and she already owned $3000 worth of electronics since she purchased the expensive computer. Speaking of which, do not buy a cheap computer just to save money in the beginning. Invest in a quality one that is reliable given how much time you will be sitting in front of it for this Aspiration. And one more reason to level up handiness beforehand is to do some computer upgrades that will be quite helpful in the long run.

Very Focused in Sims 4
Buffs, buffs, and more buffs to get Very Focused. It does not take too much effort on your part - drinking Pitch Black tea, viewing mathematical diagrams that also give off an aura, listening to music.

Milestone III - Computer Geek

  • Become an Adult (0)
  • Reach Level 3 of the Tech Guru Career (500)
  • Make a Video Game or an App (500)

You'll need to get to level 7 Programming before Make a Mobile App unlocks, so that is going to take some serious skilling. You may have enough Satisfaction to get the skilling rewards like Savant, Morning Sim, and Night Owl, but since Programming is the only skill associated with Computer Whiz I would first focus on grinding out Whims, canceling bad ones and choosing easier ones, to get enough Satisfaction to purchase Connections. If you intend on staying in the Tech Guru career for any length of time, then Entrepreneurial is another good reward trait as it will aid you in promotions.

Connections reward trait Sims 4
With the Connections reward trait in place make the call to join the Tech Guru career and you will zoom past the first 3 levels and actually start at level 4. So, the "Reach Level 3" component of Milestone III will automatically complete.

Milestone IV - Computer Whiz

  • Reach Level 5 of the Tech Guru Career (1000)
  • Have Spent 100 Hours on the Computer (1000)

It is definitely harder to get career promotions since EA slowed down how fast the performance bar rises a while ago. But level 6 programming unlocks a nice trick - Hack Work Performance. Like Hacking various other sites, this computer interaction has a 24-hour cooldown, but I highly recommend it to give yourself a modest boost to your job performance. Not much else to say on the last Milestone - it's just a question of putting in 2-3 days of work to get from level 4 to level 5 in the career, and also putting in enough time in front of the computer to finish up the 100 hours component.

Webmaster Reward Trait
A lot of reward traits given for completing Aspirations come with a single benefit. But, there are several benefits to Webmaster, and not surprisingly, all are accessed while on the computer. The first is the Make Money Turking under the Web category. Turking will not make your Sim rich, but it's kind of cool - similar to the Playing for Tips mechanic where you randomly see green simolean amounts float up in the bottom left of the screen. I got the same amount every time - $75. It may be once an hour or even 3 or 4 payments in an hour, but it's a nice side thing your Sim can do for a little extra cash.

The Internet Stalk feature is kind of interesting and is available under the Social category. There is some potential usefulness here especially if your Sim wanted to break out of the Loner mold and find some friends with common interests. If you click on Internet Stalk, then you'll get to choose from Sims you are at least acquaintances with. After a short interaction on the computer you can then see in the Relationships panel that you have learned all a given Sim's traits.

Sarah: "Hi, Don. It's Sarah Bellum. I hacked your trust fund a few days ago. I was doing some research on the computer and learned you are Noncommittal. What's up with that? Maybe you just have not found the right woman..hint hint."

The last benefit from Webmaster on the computer is found at Web > Research > Research Binge. The description of the tooltip says "exhaustive research lets you raise all skills you have at the same time." How cool is that? My mind raced given Sarah had not unlocked any Inspired related skills: painting, cooking, piano, guitar, etc. I unlocked all Inspired boosted skills and even bought a Inspired potion drink thinking that would also help the whole process.

Research Binge from the Webmaster Reward Trait in Sims 4
Sarah is all ready to have a Research Binge. Look at all the level 1 skills just begging to be raised during a binge. She takes a drink of an Inspired potion just for good measure. This is going to be epic!
Webmaster Reward Sims 4
Hmmmm. Doesn't the word "binge" kind of give you the impression of receiving a lot of something? Do my eyes deceive me or did those skill levels not budge at all in nearly 3 hours? As Sarah walks away I think her biggest inspiration is to not do any more Research Binges.

So, all kidding aside - despite a lackluster reward trait, Computer Whiz is a solid and very focused Aspiration. It's something all Simmers can relate to - spending lots of time on the computer. The icing on the cake is there is decent money to be made too, so your Sim can live the dream.

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Genius, Geek, and Loner seem to be a good combination. You get the Fast Learner boost from choosing a Knowledge Aspiration, so you pick things up faster, and with the boost from Genius, you learn some skills even faster. Having Fast Internet(+50% boost to skill gains for Programming, Writing, and Video Gaming Skills, and gives you the Energized emotion), Private Dwelling and Homey(bc it boosts Cooking, which is good for better meals and not starting a fire and killing your sim, and Handiness, which comes in handy to repair your computer so you don't have to spend a bunch of money on a repairman) for your lot traits will help you gain computer skills faster without being bothered by socialization. I got to level 3 programming and gaming on the first day.

The research binge only works on skills between level 2 and 5, and also only on the base game skills. Once you get a skill to 6 it will no longer work.

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