The Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration

Milestones and The Mastermind Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

There's no mistaking what the Public Enemy Aspiration is all about. But, have fun with it.

Overview and Set Up
With the Chief of Mischief Aspiration you get to sample the lighter side of the two Deviance Aspirations. When and if you turn to Public Enemy, the gloves are off, and it's game on - you have fights, make enemies, climb the ladder in the criminal career and even need to witness the death of another Sim (i.e. more than likely...cause the death).

I used the same Sim that I showcased in the Chief of Mischief Aspiration: his traits are Mean, Evil, and Cheerful. He also has the Dastardly Bonus Trait which results in a higher success rate with Mean interactions. Goofball might be a better choice than Cheerful because Goofball Sims are often Playful and that is the ideal mood for going to work at the outset of the Criminal career. In later levels the ideal mood is Focused.

Milestone I - Mostly Harmless

  • Perform 10 Mean or Mischievous Interactions (50)
  • Be Disliked by 2 Sims (75)

Not much to say about this first Milestone given when my Sim completed Chief of Mischief and switched to Public Enemy he soared right past this first Milestone. I would have thought the Mean/Mischievious interactions component would have started from scratch, but I guess the game keeps a running tally.

Milestone II - Neighborhood Nuisance

  • Be Disliked by 4 Sims (300)
  • Become an Adult (0)
  • Join the Criminal Career (300)

I am surprised my Sim only had 3 Sims officially dislike him at the time when I picked up Public Enemy. That's the thing about Mischievious interactions - they do not upset everyone. But, Mean ones are pretty much a guarantee. No worries. It was time to get my Mean on. Poor Geoffrey Landgraab walked in front of my Sim's lot and it turned out to be a very bad day for Geoffrey.


Milestone III - Criminal Mind

  • Have a Declared Enemy (0)
  • Reach Level 4 of the Criminal Career (400)
  • Get into 5 Fights (500)

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My evildoer got into not 1, not 2, but 3 simultaneous fights with Geoffrey Landgraab to finish up the 3rd Milestone. What's with the dust? Lol. Is someone off screen sliding into homeplate? Is Geoffrey Landgraab using an old vacuum bag as a weapon? What's even funnier is check out my Sim's emotion - he's happy as a lark.

Unfortunately, my file bugged out on me - for the game to recognize you getting level 4 in the Criminal career I suppose you need to be level 3 or lower as you fire Milestone #3. But, that was the whole point of getting Connections was to save me some work, so I needed to use the Milestone cheat after I got into 5 fights and had a declared enemy and finished those components.

Milestone IV - Public Enemy

  • Witness the Death of a Sim (750)
  • Reach Level 8 of the Criminal Career (750)
  • Have 3 Declared Enemies (1000)

I did not enjoy intentionally killing a Sim and I really think EA should change that component of the final milestone. How in the world is someone supposed to finish this Aspiration in a normal amount of time unless they do? I thought about a simple solution and invited a Sim to join the household - got into a fight with them to put them into a Dazed emotion, then had them repair mutiple broken electronic devices with no handiness skill. They got singed and I forced them to attempt repairs on another broken device and they took a dirt nap. Game over. I kept telling myself it's only a game, but I just felt so wrong for doing that.

When you get down to it, the only real time consuming portion of Public Enemy is the career. If you get the Connections reward you''ll start the career at level 4, but you'll still need to knock out 4 additional levels and each level will take 2-3 work days. I am not 100% sure exactly how much the Entrepreneurial reward helps move the performance bar, but obviously it cannot hurt, so I purchased it while my Sim was finishing up Chief of Mischief. Once I got promoted to The Muscle (level 6) I could then buy potions to get in a Focused mood. To get to level 8 in the Criminal career I opted for the Boss branch - it's a little easier than the Oracle Branch. My Mischief skill was already capped so that portion was a non-issue - I only needed to get 2 levels of Handiness. With the Oracle branch I needed the Mischief plus 4 levels in Programming.

Mastermind Reward Trait

After I declared my 3rd enemy and finished the Aspiration my Sim earned the Mastermind reward trait. If you mouse over the desciption in the Simology tab it states that your Sim knows how to cause anger, sadness, and jealousy by saying certain things. You have three new socials available: Subtly Debase will give a +50 Sad Moodlet for 4h, Vicious Rumor +2 Angry for 4h, and Seeds of Doubt +2 Tense for 4h. All in all, powerful ways to influence other Sims' emotions (negatively).

Subtly Debase and Plan Seeds of Doubt are two of the three new Mischief socials available to a Mastermind Sim. The other is Tell a Viscious Rumor.

The two Deviance Aspirations are pretty fun. Public Enemy is the more challenging one given the slow pace of career leveling, the in-your-face social demands, plus the whole Witness the Death of a Sim requirement that may not appeal to many players. You might not normally choose to examine the darker content of Sims 4, but the game gives you a safe alternative way to experience these things as opposed to doing so in real life.

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Comments (7)

So if you're a tender heart like me with gardening skills you can always use a death flower to immediately revive the sim whose death you witnessed. I just couldn't leave the poor girl who i made starve to death in a locked room dead.
Woah. You killed a little girl. That's... that's harsh. (But then again, my sim killed his sister-in-law while she was pregnant with his second nephew/niece so that's harsh too I guess)
Here is how to get someone to die in your sight without murdering them. Step one start a club and fill its ranks with elders. Step two when ever your home have a club meeting. Soon enough one of the elders time will run out and odds favor it happening at your home and just have your sim there then. Blush
Great tip! Get Together has certainly changed the way we can do things!
James Felicianosays...
easiest way to kill a sim though is by woohoo, simply raise your relationship with one sim to that level and just woohoo over and over and over again. sims marks this as a strenuous activity and after about the 4th time of the woohoo the sim should keel over and die, i accidently did this multiple times with multiple sims... oops...
Interestingly the higher the sims athletic skill level is the more difficult it is to kill them by woohoo. (Over exertion.)
I found easy way to " witness the death of a sim " by making the sim I interact with take a swim in the pool then build fences around the pool preventing him from coming out of him and eventually him dying there while my sim is present.
If you have the Vampire pack you can also trap a fledgling vampire in your garden and wait for the sunlight to kill him/her.

If you have a soft heart, why would you follow a criminal career to start with? The entire development of the career is based on doing wrong to others. It is okay to pick up fights with random people, mock them and make them feel angry, but you get all soft when a crime lord has to kill someone? That's kind of idiot


It's only a game, they are only pixels ;)


I had my sim move an elder into his house. His inventory was full of produce, so I removed all sources of food and the exterior doors. Rather than keep the elder in a 'box', she could do anything she liked but eat. Plus, I had my sim constantly entertain her. Even though she was starving to death, she was almost always in a good mood. I called it killing with kindness.


I like to kill them.....with either anger or.......laughter or the easiest way pool fence combo...i like to put a bed near the pool so the sim can eat and sleep while the other sim is dying

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